Here will be posted some review of dramas that I have watched in the past and what I’m currently watching and my ratings. I realize that I have already written some lengthy review for about six or seven dramas that I plan to condense into a short paragraph. The rating will be based on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being an all time favorite. Please enjoy and leave comments!

  • 1% of Anything (8.5/10) : Cute and bubbly with some extra tid bits that give it a warm feeling. A little bit cliche on the side of the love story… although with some twists that we don’t see  often.  Focuses on a lot of  different couples so that there isn’t too much camera zoning on two faces… but the acting is a little shaky in the beginning, but solid toward the end. The grandfather did an amazing acting job!
  • 9 End 2 Outs  (9.2/10) : Very cute story about a couple’s love in their thirties with some very hilarious moments. The beginning starts off humorous and gradually the middle and ending gets a bit tense. Park Soo Ae and Lee Jung Jin really have good chemistry together and we see some new actors and actresses, Im Yoona and Lee Tae Sung. Both of the main characters do a great job acting and this drama will definately leave you with some knee slaping moments and stomach pains from all the laughing.
  • Air City  (7/10) :  Started out well as an action packed drama with A-list actors and actresses, but for some reason slowly began to fall apart as the drama started getting more complicated. Lots of action and tense moments. The romance parts are a bit unorganized and the ending seems somewhat rushed, like one of those last minute endings…
  • Autumn Tale  (9/10)  : I’m not a big one for tear jerkers, but this drama does get accolade for some excellent acting and setting off the trend for these melodramatic histrionic endings. Loving and dying and loving after dying. Think earlier version of Stairway to Heaven and with less fashion, but with of course… Won Bin! Song Seung Hun and Song Hye Kyo do a great job wth the chemistry. If you feel that your eyes have been a little dry lately and your too lazy to get some eye drops… this is a guarantee for some instant tears.
  • Bad Housewife  (8.8/10) : Almost an all time favorite because of the unique storyline about a man who looses his job and has to depend on his wife to work, which leads to some inevitable issues. No lovey dovey drama here, but more of a reunion between a man and wife.
  • Bad Love   (5/10) : Heads up… this one seemed to me like someone tried to regurgitate Autumn Tale with less drama and a happy ending. Doesn’t work. The acting was mediocre and the story got too much at the end, in other words, more complication than necessary… even for a drama.
  • Beethoven Virus  (8.8/10) : Excellent acting by Jang Geun Suk, Lee Ji Ah and Kim Myung Min. The plot was a little interesting especially with the issue of the deafness, but definately realistic and enjoyable. Romance factor is a little shaky, but lots of tension building.
  • Capital Scandal (9.5/10)  : For sure an all time favorite. Kang Ji Wan and Han Ji Min are an excellent couple and really bring out the style and the attitude of their time period. Ryu Jin and Han Go Eun excellent couple without a doubt, but with more of a mysterious feeling that helps to the constant tension.
  • Family’s Honor: (9.5/10) Ok. Granted I know a lot of you are weary of long dramas because of the lagging and dragging and those moments when you just want to bang you’re head against the wall because the main characters have so many unnecessary misunderstanding. I can’t say that this drama was completely free of that, but at 50 episodes, it’s kinda of… necessary. But there is limited dragging and mostly just a lot of great chemistry is the main and supporting couples. The veteran actors did a great job and didn’t make me want to slap them for being so stubborn as we see in some dramas. Yoon Jun Hee is an excellent actresses because she’s one of the few left that has that elegance to her and everything she does is elegant, even it is wiping down a table. Park Shi Hoo was really just flawless here, and I fell in love with him, which was amazing considering I didn’t like him in Iljimae and Which Star Are You From. Jun Hye Jin and Lee Hyun Jin are new in the drama industry, but they had great chemistry and I see great potential. You can see Jun Hye Jin in Smile, You which is currently airing, another one of my favorite dramas. Lee Hyun Jin is currently in Assorted Gems and both dramas are also around 50 episodes .
  • Shining Inheritance (9/10): Yes, Lee Seung Gi fans, drama of the year! well, I wouldn’t exactly say it was flawless, but definitely a classic drama and Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo with excellent chemistry and acting. But of course, a good drama has to have good supporting actors and I must give appreciation to Bae Soo Bin and Moon Chae Won for excellent side acting. I think overall, the strong casting really helped to pulled the main couple through and I highly recommend this for viewing if you’re looking for something worth your time.

2 Responses to “KDrama”

  1. ..i agree with u’r rating bout AUTUMNtale..cause 4 me it is really 0ne of dbest drama ever..2rue l0ve really has n0h b0undary..a certified tear jerker..

  2. thank you for downloads ost korean drama!!!!!!!!!!!!

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