Help FAQ

Here, I’ll be posting some information on using different types of software that I found useful in watch dramas in general and come from my own experience. It will be in answer and question format and hopefully it will help you guys make your drama watching a lot easier.

Q: How do I put softsubs on videos that I download?

A: There is a software on the web called VobSub that you can use that is easy and simple, but can only be used on Windows Media Player as far as I know. First, download Vobsub from google or yahoo or anywhere that you can find it. Then, download the video that you want to view and download the subtitles onto you computer. Make sure that you create a folder that contains both and both the video and the subtitles need to have the same name. For example, I would download Robbers episode 9 and robbers episode 9 subtitles. I would create a folder called “Robbers 9” and name the video “robber 9” and the subtitles “robber 9”. Then, open the video file only using Windows Media Player. The subtitles will automatically show up on the screen. Awesome!

Q: How do I open .zip files?

A: .zip files are very easy to open. Just click on the .zip file and then the original file will appear underneath. Another way, is to single click on the .zip file and on the left hand side of the window, there should be an option called “Extract all files”. Click on that and chose where to put the extracted file.

Q: How do I open .rar files?

A: I believe that you can use the following method for all files that aren’t .avi, .rmvb, .wmv and .zip files. All you need to do is download a software called Winrar. You can google it, yahoo it, wherever you can find it. Download winrar and then choose to open a file, find you file on your computer and then double click on it. Winrar will ask you where you can to save the extracted files, and then choose where you want to save them. After the extracting is complete, you should have an openable file that should open on a double click.

Q: How do I view .rmvb files?

A: Simple. All you need to do is donwload a video viewing software called Real Player that should have come with you computer. If not, just donwload it and the .rmvb file should play automatically on Real Player! 


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