Jaebum Leaves For Seattle

WARNING: If you are highly sensitive or have excessive Korean Pride you may want to stray away from this article.

I’ve been on a hiatus for a while, but with this new controversy over Jaebum and 2PM, I feel that I have to put in my two-pence. For those of you unaware of the situation, here are the facts. Jaebum apparently was on myspace and fans went on to see if they could catch a word or two. Instead, netizens decided to do what they always do and do some digging and found quotes of Jaebum calling Korea gay and so forth from about 3-4 years back. Immediately, Jaebum issued an apology about how back then he was knew to Korea and was a trainee. As a result, anti-fans and netizens went crazy and made a Jaebum Suicide Pact stating that Jaebum should commit suicide because of what he said. This petition got 3,000 signatures while another petition to forgive Jaebum acquired 6,000 signatures. In response, Jay left Korea at 6:30pm KST and was scheduled to arrive at Seattle at noon PST. Now these are the facts. Let’s get into some juicy opinion.

I’m not a really strongly opinionated person, but going to an all Korean school in Southern California can give you some perspective. One thing that’s known by us “outsiders” is that Korea are really bad at welcoming foreigners, and in this case idols. Foreigners don’t just include stars like Nickhun from 2PM and Hangeng from Super Junior, but idols from the States feel the heat once in a while as well. Maybe the fans don’t have a huge problem during the performances, but Koreans really got to tone down their pride a little bit. Focusing on what Jaebum said: “Korea is gay”. First, he said it 3-4 years ago when he was a trainee, away from his parents, contrasting cultures and language barrier. So it’s not uncommon for him to think it, it’s just that he decided to put it on myspace. Trust me, all actors/singers/idols have one point in their life when, because of netizens, they really think Korea is just retarded. But that’s why they are called netizens, because of their pointless poking and accusations. Even so, I can understand why they got angry, cuz someone called their country gay… it’s understandable and not all that surprising. The suicide pact however, was completely and utterly unecessary and absurd. Yah, Jaebum go kill yourself because you dissed my country. Get a life will you. Maybe it’s all that anger that Koreans get because they can’t masacre all the Japanese people so they put this anger out on netizens. See, now you know why actors and actresses start killing themselves all over the place. This explains it. It’s like netizens are those sassy kids that talks back to basically everyone, but then suck up to teachers. You just wanna take a bamboo stick and thwack some sense into them. And you know the best part is, netizens don’t even know their wrong and ridiculous. Like about Chansung littering during the Wild Bunny episode. OMG Chansung littered. Let’s make a huge deal. The only people can say that is if they never littered. And everyone has littered. So you netizens just keep your damn mouths shut.

You might be thinking that I’m being too harsh. Yah, but netizens have just gone over the border. I mean sometimes celebrity suicides seem distant because you aren’t constantly listening to their songs or watching their dramas. I don’t know why netizens decided to rip Jay’s head apart, but they just lost some talent and I hope they know that. And just in particular for you netizens who think that idols are perfect, they come from people. You know like the general population. Not from planet Perfect here. So I suggest you either support whoever you wanna support and just back off if you don’t like something instead of making a suicide petition. If you can spend hours finding teenie weenie mistakes of idol lives that happen to all of us, claps for you, now get your ass off the chair and go get a job, because your probable unemployed and using the library computer. Or just go get a bamboo stick or like a kimchi cabbage or whatever and hit some sense until yourself you get it, or you just die since apparently you want everyone else dead.


~ by zaizai00 on September 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Jaebum Leaves For Seattle”

  1. love your article…u go girl (?)

  2. Totally agree with you (: netizens need lived. Idols are PEOPLE they make mistakes too! ❤ I miss Jaebum already man, he's a great performer & leader.

  3. You’re right and i agree with you 100%%%%. Keep writing 🙂
    Hanna, Finland

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