The Man Who Can’t Get Married

The Man Who Can’t Get Married. Interesting title. Self-explanatory. Comeback drama for Ji Ji Hee and Umg Jung Hwa. This drama created a lot of hype when Kim So Eun become part of the cast, however, she was only able to land a supporting actress as in Boys Before Flowers. The casting is pretty strong, but the rating are failing miserably, most of the time barely being able to hit the top 20. Why? I really don’t know. I strongly suggest the drama. Cute love plot on the side. Funny characters. What is there not to love? Well, it seems that fans just haven’t been able to feel the beat of the drama. Maybe because there hasn’t been any car crashes, spontaneous deaths, tragic breakups in bars or running on the rain yet. Personally I try to stray AWAY from that. It’s a more slow paced drama in the sense of love stories, but it doesn’t feel dragged and Ji Jun Hee does a great job acting in here as a paranoid architect 🙂 Strongly suggested and I hope that the directors and writers keep up the good worK!


~ by zaizai00 on July 15, 2009.

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