Gee the End of Cute Trend?

So Nyo Shi Dae – Kissing You

So Nyo Shi Dae – Gee

Kara – Honey

With the rise to popularity of Wonder Girls, So Nyo Shi Dae and Kara at the end of 2007, we saw a surge of cute trends from Kissing You to Nobody to Pretty Girl. Some may argue that Wonder Girls weren’t really carrying the “cute” trend, but Nobody outfits had it’s own cute appeal. It seemed that kpop fashion designers were only able to come out with outfits to make their stars look like twelve and thirteen year olds rather than young adults. At the beginning of the year, So Nyo Shi Dae’s record breaking song Gee continued the cute trend but with a bit more a mature spin to the outifts. However, with the debut of 2NE1, After School, and most recently 4Minute, there had been a drastic trend to vibrant neon colors, tights, crazy hair and sunglasses. Will this be the new trend for the next years to come, or will it be too much for fans to handle in the long-term?

2NE1 – Fire

4Minute – Hot Issue

After School – Diva


~ by zaizai00 on July 15, 2009.

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  1. hi. great article!

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