HB 2009 Sends Fans into Chaos

WARNING: this is probably not the most interesting post I have ever written, more like a financial view on kpop, but I mean where are you not going to here are money in this economy?

The Korean Times Music Festival Hollywood Bowl is considered the biggest korean concert held here in America and attracts fans from Los Angeles to New York to Toronto as it is one of the few concerts that allow North American fans to catch a glimpse of their idol stars that are usually thousands of miles away. In the past, HB has welcomed reknowned idol groups such as Big Bang, So Nyo Shi Dae, SS501, Epik High, Baek Ji Young, Dong Bang Shin Ki, etc. and although it is meant to aim for a a wider audience, it is infamous a the concert of all concerts for teenagers and college kids. With last year’s list inviting So Nyo Shi Dae, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior and more, one would think that this year’s would be just as solid, no? But what seemed to be a United States recession has now become a global recession, becoming more apparent to fans around the world.


For some, HB is the place to see all the idol stars, but with the growing economy up until recent months, HB started to turn into a money-making opportunity for speculators. In a nutshell: fans buy tickets at Korean Times in mass, up to 4-6 tickets, the day the tickets come out. Many times, these are the people that live close or can get their hands on the tickets the fastes. Now, let’s say the terrace tickets are selling for 150 dollars apiece and you ordered the ticket at the end of January or early February when none of the artists have been released. Now, most times, these sellers will post their tickets on blog or soompi at a price, say $175. Then the ticket may be bought by a hardcore Super Junior fans, who has missed the chance to get a good terrace seat and even thought the extra 25 dollars may seem to be a lot, but it is pretty reasonable. The speculation comes more into play as more artists are being released and the better the list is, the higher the prices go. Some pool seats, standard at 200 dollars a piece are sold for 450 dollars a piece at prime time. The whole ideal is to get the tickets at a reasonable price and just god damn hope that some good artists are coming.

What Happened to HB 2009?

It seems that Korea Times has released it’s final artist list Girls’ Generation (SNSD) | Lee Juk | Lena Park | Kim Changwan Band | Son Ho Young | SHINee |Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter | Kim Heung Gook | Tae Jina | Tenor Um Jung Haeng |Kim Tae Woo | Baek Ji Young|SS501 (all five members) | Min Hae Kyung.  Now, maybe i’m not so up-to-date with korean music, but it you were to show this list to me, I would only recognize about 5-6 of the artists, not even considering that I don’t really like all of the ones that I know. So for any teenager, this is a damn disappointing list, not saything that I wouldn’t want to listen to all the older artists, but it’s more of a monetary concern. Yah, I’d probably want to see Shinee, So Nyo Shi Dae, SS501, and Baek Ji Young, but is it worth 200+ dollars? It seems that KT was hoping that with the recent Kkotnam craze, that SS501 would be able to boost some sales. But reality is, tickets are selling like hotcakes, and for those folks who are dead set on going, I don’t advise you to buy the ticket just yet. On soompi (http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?&showtopic=274111&st=80) it may seem that some ticket prices are still high, but as the sellers are becoming more and more depsperate, prices will start to lower and get closer and closer to the original price. If you’re really a whimsical person, just wait a couple days beforehand and I can almost guarantee a good price. Many Super Junior, DBSK, and Big Bang fans are dropping out and their ticket are up for sale. So go out and get yourself some tickets!


~ by zaizai00 on April 8, 2009.

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