Waiting for New Generation Boy Band?

It’s interesting how the entertainment industry just keeps circling around itself. Today, the big girl groups are So Nyo Shi Dae, Kara, and Wonder Girls, each from a rivaling entertainmet groups. From the male side, we’ve got Big Bang and Shinee really kicking into the in industry 2007 and last year. But, haven’t we seen this phase a decade ago? S.E.S, FinKL and Baby V.O.X. were popular rivaling girl groups trying to hit the top fo the music charts at the beginning of the kpop music industry. We got Shinhwa and H.O.T. controlled the fashion trends and the idols of korean teenagers around the world. Now all have disbanded (tells you a lot about the length of a typical music career) except Shinhwa which is fading out of the picture as its members have either gone to the military, started solo activities, or the popular route: starting your own entertainment industry. But what’s that got to do with today? Shall we compare…

                                         Baby V.O.X.                                                                                         So Nyo Shi Dae



  Wonder Girls                                                                                                                         S.E.S



                                        FinKL                                                                                                   KARA


                         Dong Bang Shin Ki                                                                                             Shinhwa



                                 Big Bang                                                                                                                     Shinee


SO, it’s not an exact comparison, but… you get the drift. We see this new generation of girl bands taking over those disbanded around 2003 or earlier (with a lot of failures in between) but who is going to be the big boy band to complete our circle? Many have said that DBSK was the new Shinhwa, but as Shinee came about, Shinee became the new DBSK? The latter one seems a bit idealistic but for DBSK to reach the 10 year consistency that Shinhwa has kept will be a challenge. But who will it be? 2PM recently debuted from JYP or is someone else?


~ by zaizai00 on March 13, 2009.

One Response to “Waiting for New Generation Boy Band?”

  1. dbsk is actually the new H.O.T….
    supposedly 2pm and shinee are the “new” generation,…but why should i care…u didnt even put suju there LOL

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