Has 2009 Already Been Pooped Out?

The year 2009 started off with a bang in the drama industry, producing hit dramas such as East of Eden, Boys Over Flowers, My Precious Child and a few others. But it seems that after late march and mid-May, there won’t be much left except for our trilogy of saeguk dramas. With East of Eden finsihed last Tuesday, My Precious Child finishing in the next two weeks and Boys Over Flowers finishing by the end of March, is there anything worth watching? Looking at what’s planned for the slots, it looks like a pretty mellow year except for maybe Triple with a strong cast, and again, our three saeguk dramas. The Road Home, the successor of You Are My Destiny, has been pummeled by competition at the beginning of the year, barely staying afloat with mid 18% ratings. Cinderella Man is iffy, with it’s pre-destined melodramatic storyline and some not so strong acting. MBC’s daily drama, I Love You Don’t Cry has also suffered from the fierce competition this year. Cain and Abel started out strong with mid-teen ratings and hopefully will be able to branch out and reach its full potential by the beginning of April. Life is Beautiful on SBS seems promising with Han Hyo Joo, Lee Seung Ki, and Moon Chae Won in the cast listing, but again, nothing is certain. But, reality is folks, whatever you’ve seen in the last three months, is about as good as it’s gonna get…

OH, and for those of you ardent Boys Over Flowers fans, read your most reliable spoilers and never before seen pics here at http://kpculture.wordpress.com/. Have fun!


~ by zaizai00 on March 13, 2009.

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