Kkotnam Episodal Madness Intro & EP 15

So I’ve decided to open up a whole new category just to sustain my Boys over Flowers madness because I feel that I’ve got too much feeling building up inside and to release some of it on the keys. So most of the comments I’ll make will be spur of the moment. Many times I think differently later, but just to keep that in mind. As for the couples, I’m a big SoEul fan, so sometimes that gets the better of me. I’ll try to put pics in because I know that I like pics when reading recaps so hopefully that’ll help. My recaps are complete, but just someof the highlights that I found exciting or important. Now for episode 15!!!

Actually, in comparsion with other monday episode showing, I must say that this one was a lot more interesting and less of a “set up” episode. First, I was really happy about the filming in Macau (for once) because the people could actually speak fluent Chinese and not some chopped out version of Korean and Hyun Joong’s Chinese is pretty damn good in relation to some that I’ve heard (coughSong Seung Hooncough).


Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that the directors decided to add some new versions of Because I’m Stupid and I’m pretty sure that Hyun Joong sings a solo version while playing the guitar.


Then of course, Jan Di’s heel breaks off, cliche much? And being the charming man that he is, Ji Hoo give her a piggy back, because we can’t have girls running around in broken heels now can we… But they both look pretty happy, Ji Hoo in particular.


Since we’re talking about cliche scenes, we see Goo Jun Pyo sitting in his car and seeing Hyun Joong carry Jan Di inside. What would we do without these ironic cliche scenes…But I love Jun Pyo’s facial expressions because you can feel the pain, anger and frustration and how much he wishes he could just jump of that car and attack someone.


Then in the midst of all this hidden tension, we have a cute scene where Jan Di is still drowsy and not really here and Ji Hoo accidentally comes into the bathroom while she’s taking care of some … business. Ji Hoo acts cooly but confused while Jan Di starts screaming like a madwoman…. hehe. Props to Goo Hye Sun for her facial expressions 🙂


As Ji Hoo and Jan Di are about to head back home, Ji Hoo provides Jan Di with new shoes to replace her broken heels. Ironically, the same shoes that Goo Jun Pyo was planning to buy earlier. What can I say… they both have the same taste in women and … women’s shoes? But the fairy tale feel is strong, but in the midst we hear someone panting in the distance…


And it’s Goo Jun Pyo!! No way. But if you look a little closer at him, you’ll realize the hard breathing is his rage at not only Ji Hoo, but also Jan Di for giving Ji Hoo a chance. Hyun Joong performs one of his “mad” scenes were his acting skills actually start to come out. Of course, there is punching… but that’s the way we do it in Kkoputa Namja.


Probably one of my favorite scenes in the whole episode was of Goo Jun Pyo crying. No, I’m not goth or emo. I love this because… damn the guy can act. Some of the best crying and his face looks like… he was going to give birth or something.


After coming back from vacation, we see that Jan Di is clearly distressed from her visit (well, duh) and she starts to make mistakes in the restaraunt. An unexpected call comes for her to deliver some food and she ends up in the hospital (yes… the one with the ex-president) and the doctor immediately yells at her to start taking care of the patients. Not the best way to start out, but in time, we see Jan Di work with the patients and go through the cute but painful process of putting a baby to sleep. We also so a spiffy new haircut from Ji Hoo, which does look much better.


To make matter better, truly, Jun Pyo’s sister, Joon Hee shows up (a little random though) and I’m pretty sure that she’s aware of the current situation, but still greets Jan Di as if she was her sister-in-law. On the other hand, Jan Di looks dazed and lost, obviously still distressed.


Joon Hee takes Jan Di to her house and they have some tea, but as Jan Di wanders around the house, she finds Joon Pyo’s room. The room of memories. She reminisces about their past, when it was still a one-sided love…


Then, we switch to our SoEul couple who are sitting in Yi Jung’s bright yellow/orange sports car (he really couldn’t have picked something less… in your face?) But our cute couple looks like something from Mafia movie (minus the flashy yellow) like they’re secret lovers ready to die together… sigh. In short, Yi Jung hopes, more like demands, that Ga Eul bring Jan Di to Jun Pyo’s birthday party. Being the good and smart friend that she is, she refuses, but he somehow coerces her to agree. It’s his charm.


…But we can’t stop here, with this solemness now can we? So Yi Jung gives Ga Eul a ton of boxes, while she’s stuttering for a rebuttal, that contain dresses for the birthday party. When cute couples bicker, it’s … it’s just magical.


Jan Di and Ga Eul show up at the birthday party… lookig beautiful as usual 🙂 Although I still think the long hair looks better with Ga Eul… but just a thought

Planning to make a fool out of Jan Di, Joon Pyo’s evil evil mother asks her to play a song of the audience, clearly aware that Jan Di has never officially played the piano let alone have training in that field. We just and slap our foreheads saying… Jan Di is screwed… I can’t watch! But Jan Di turns right around not only plays, but sings as well! Slaps that woman right in the face, metaphorically speaking. As a rebut… kind of, Joon Pyo’s mom announces Joon Pyo’s engagement to Han Jae Kyung, which suprises everyone… F4, Joon Pyo, Jan Di, Jae Kyung, and somehow I can just hear Ga Eul stuttering in the background with Yi Jung trying to calm her down.


After the ceremony, Joon Pyo is upset beyond words, not only at his mother, but at Jan Di for being so… dumb and actually coming. Trying to catch a word with her, he catches her arm (or what he thinks is Jan Di’s arm) and starts walking away rapidly… But in fact, he grabbed Jae Kyung’s arm. Wow. A little bit of chuckles came out in the midst of all this. A combination of the facial expressions… and the foot-not-one-my-foot scene.



So… that concludes episode 15. Pretty eventful overall and leaving us with a lot to think about and anticipate for tomorrow’s episode. But in case you’re a tad curious… here some caps for the preview. Mostly eye candy, but definately something to comment on.

This pic doesn’t really tell us much, but basically, Ji Hoo realizes that Jan Di has been working for … his grandfather. Probably more family background in the next episode to explain the running and the “Ji Hoo! Ji Hoo!”


Now… this. This is eye candy. But before you gorge yourself on the pictures… it’s just a figment of Jan Di’s imagination. Yep. Sorry to break it to you, but I’m hoping that it’ll pop up again sometime later. These are definately to die for!





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  1. iam in ep 7 weeeeeeeeeeee coz iwatch it in kbs world with english sub
    you can come to my blog 2 see my le miho madnes

  2. i just finished watching ep 10 (hik…hik…)

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