THE Concerts of ’09

I recently had this spasm about going to korean pop concerts since I haven’t actually been to a concert and seeing my favorite kpop stars live seems like distant dream. SO, I decided to fill in my readers to some of the big concerts upcoming in 2009! (and kind of a shortcut for those of you who don’t want to search your way through soompi) 

Korean Music Festival – Hollywood Bowl (May 9th, 2009)

Run by Korea Times and probably THE biggest korean music concert of the year, with artists such as Dong Bang Shin Ki, SG Wanna, So Nyo Shi Dae, and many others. Here the site on soompi with all the information and the first batch of artists has already been released: The only complaint usually is the price, pool seats going for $200 this year, but it’s about as close as you’re ever going to get to a korean artists…

JYP Tour  (March 5th, 6th, and 8th)

I believe that this is the second JYP tour and it’s interesting to see the individual entertainment companies going out with their artists and kind of expanding into the U.S. audience… although it surprises me that SM hasn’t done it yet… although they do take over most of Hollywood Bowl. What I like about this is that it’s offered in Los Angeles and New York City and reaches a bigger audience. A little bit cheaper than Hollywood Bowl, top tickets are selling at $150 in all three locations. Pre-sale tickets have already ended but tickets are still up for grabs! Here’s the soompi site:

Being the first Victory concert of the year, but already hit with some suspicion because of last year’s Peace Concert scam. A little smaller in size, but the artist list is much more solid. A lot of good solid singers in this list and not some flaky one-time flash acts. Targeting a more mature audience, it seems. Tickets go on sale Feb. 2 and pool seats are up for $120.  Here’s the soompi link:

credit @ soompi, powerhouse


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