Pretty Boys Beats Song Seung Hun



Since it’s airing in the beginning of August 2008, East of Eden has been the top drama, pulling in ratings around high 20’s and low 30’s, mainly because of it’s high class casting. But with the airing of Boys Over Flowers at the beginning of this year, East of Eden’s ratings have been dropping as Boys Over Flower starts raise and achieve high acclaim. It seems that Song Seung Hun’s charm isn’t enough to hold together East of Eden, with his “younger self” winning over him in Boys Over Flowers (Kim Bum plays the teenager version of Song Seung Hun in East of Eden). It’s not only the looks that seem to be attracting new viewers, but just the acting and the plot itself. East of Eden with it’s overly cliche and dramatic plot, bound with death and tears. On the other hand, Boys Over Flower provides a refreshing and cute storyline. As for the acting, both are about the same, both have it’s strong and weak actors and actresses. But with the rating’s coming closer and closer, East of Eden was able to hold onto last week by little less than two percent, but simultaneously dropping 10% from the week before. However, Boys Over Flowers have turn the table this week by that same margin. East of Eden, you might want to reconsider than 4 episode extension, huh?

~ by zaizai00 on January 27, 2009.

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