2009 Emphasizes Women Roles in Saeguk Dramas

As 2009 roles around, there have been many saeguk dramas that are manly focused around the roles of women in Korean history. Traditionally, women have been lowered in status in comparison with men, especially in Asian society, but as society has begun to change, so have the importance of women in today’s society. Mentioned in the previously, there have been three highly anticipated saeguk dramas with emphasis on female roles. The first to air was Empress Chun Chu, taking over after King Sejong, and scheduled for 60 episodes. The second, Princess Ja Myung Go, is scheduled to air in mid-February following Terrior for about 50 episodes. The third, Queen Seon Duk, is scheduled for 50 episodes in May. The only problem with saeguk dramas is that they all tend to be 50-60 episodes (the magical number it seems), which becomes a problem for people (like me, I admit) who like to skip the boring parts. The historical documentary. But you can’t just randomly skip around because you’re bound to miss something important. It’s a hard range to keep the audience’s attention. Directors and producers also have the tendency to extend the drama, depending on the success, and throw in a spin in the middle of nowhere. Then you just start slapping your forehead going “No!!” BUT, there is always exceptions…

Empress Chun Chu

To be honest, at first, I wasn’t really attracted to this drama when it was being advertised because saeguk dramas have never really been a favorite because of my lack of Korean history knowledge, forcing me to constently click through wikipedia for some of the context to make sense. Even with subtitles. But it was through Boys Over Flowers, the last drama on earth that I thought would be slightly connected to this drama, that I began to watch this. Kim So Eun really impressed me with her acting in Boys Over Flowers and I was eager to see more examples of her acting. Despite her younge, she managed to pull off a great performance not only as the best friend of Geum Jan Di in Boys Over Flowers, but also as a princess/empress in Empress Chun Chu. I can’t say that crying is a high point for her, but the power that she performs with is definately a boost considering the strong female role that she is playing. Of course there are love stories and triangles and such that come in a package. This drama is one to look out for, although it’ll be curious to see how it will be able to hold the popularity after the younger actors and actresses have left.

Princess Ja Myung Go 

I love the alternative title provided by wiki: The Story of Self-Destruction. Oh, that’s gotta mean a happy ending. Self-destruction. With two rising stars, Jung Ryun Won and Park Min Young as the main actresses, the drama has collected a lot of popularity, in addition to the popular love story that it depicts. The love story of Prince Hodong (for those of you who watched Kingdom of the Winds, it is Yeon’s son) and Princess Ja Myung Go who destroys her country’s warning drums so that Prince Hodong can come take over her country. For a legend it sounds reasonable, but in reality, kind of far off. Yes, I love you so much so I’m going to put my whole country in peril and just assume that once you destroy and conquer my country we can live happily ever after. Of course, no one has been thinking about the other kinks like maybe the older sister who is love with the same man or the fact that someone is probably going to killed in the end, which happens in most saeguk dramas, in the randomest of ways. Korean drama: PASS. But excluding some of the disadvantages of a melodramatic plot, the casting looks pretty strong and it’ll fun to watch how these two actresses battle it out: with swords. Personally, Park Min Young is highly favored but both have a ways to go in their acting career ad


~ by zaizai00 on January 25, 2009.

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