YG Entertainment Adds Another Girl Group


 Since 2007 until now, there has been a sudden rush of debuting girl bands from SM , JYP, Pledis, DPG, and now YG Entertainment? Just a little bit of a background check-up:



SM Entertainment – So Nyo Shi Dae a.k.a. Girls’ Generation

JYP Entertainment – Wonder Girls

DPG Entertainment – Kara


Pledis – After School


….And now YG has come out with a 3-5-girl band that seems to be more competition for the current girl groups. Supposedly the girl form of Big Bang, the group currently consists of four trainee members with the fifth still unknown. Park Bom, top right, has been seen for a couple years now, most noticeable in Big Bang’s Forever with You MV. On the lower right is Sandra Park, a celebrity of the Philippines and known for her physical and singing similarities with BoA. CL, on the top left, is famous for her multi-lingual abilities in English, French and Japanese. Just out of curiosity, why does she need to know French when targeting an Asian market? Hmm… but it can’t hurt. And finally, Kong Min-ji on the bottom left has a background in dance.

With their debut planning to come in April 2009, they still don’t have a name. The name “Sista” has been floating around… but I’m begging them not to go with that. Imagine an asian, any asian, coming up to you and saying “Hey! Sup sista” I don’t know how I would react. But apparently YG has stated that they will be focusing more on talents than on looks. Okay… I give them kudos for trying, but no matter how it goes, looks always play some part.

 Well, I’m sure that everyone is waiting for more competition… but what happened to boy bands. 2008 produced Shinee? Not that their bad… but why the sudden focus on girl groups?

Big Bang ft. Park Bom – Forever With You

credit @ popseoul


~ by zaizai00 on January 24, 2009.

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