Cassiopia vs. VIP + Wonderfuls

Fans can get crazy… really crazy. For Dong Bang Shin Ki’s upcoming concert, Big Bang and Wonder Girl fans together reserved around 1700 tickets online and then cancelled at the last minute, resulting in almost 10 million won in losses (7,225 US dollars). Rude much? I mean if you don’t like DBSK, just leave them alone. Not only did this result in a loss of money, but I’m sure that there were plenty of DBSK fans that weren’t able to go to the concert because of the sudden rush of ticket sales. Now, once you’ve done something wrong, you should apologize, right? But apparently, Wonderfuls and VIPs retorted that they purchased the tickets and had the right to do whatever they wanted. Wait… what? By purchasing a ticket, that gives the right to be rude and inconsiderate. That give you the right to be obnoxious and inconsiderate.

Same situation as the Dream Concert last year between SNSD fans and Cassi and others. Can’t you guys just watch your artists and not create more trouble for them. You really want to help them? Actually buy their albums instead of donwloading.




VIP Apology



credits @ popseoul


~ by zaizai00 on January 24, 2009.

One Response to “Cassiopia vs. VIP + Wonderfuls”

  1. this is so funny cassies are psychaotic jealous bitches anyway whove caused so much shit in the past its karma and this the 1st time ‘VIP’ AND ‘WONDERFUL’ THE GOODFANCLUBS DID something,cassie cant stand dbsk being close w/ any group outside of SM b/c they tolerate ‘ELF’,
    ok micky and JJ are friends w/ hyunjoong so you know what cassie threw eggs at ss501 talk abt immature their nasty to anyone they feel like.ppl wondering why WGs fans did something too,i know VIP hate cassies i sort of do too xiah hit TOP at gayo,yunho was cold to him.but its a WONDERBANG thing didnt know the 2 fanclubs were so close cute they look out for eachother since VIP dont like cassie ,WONDERFUL dont either thats why ONE VIP gave a forced apology while WONDERFUL didnt do anything.imagine if dbsk was close w/ another girlgroup like how BB is close w/ WG ,they would tear those girls cassie are the scary ones they even cursed out TOP and seungri at gayo talking abt maknaes underwear and calling TOP a bitch so…loved what they did high time something bad happened to DBSK crazy VIP

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