Thoughts On We Got Married



If your look for cuteness of a couple, without all the drama of korean drama (redundant, I know…) then We Got Married is perfect! The three original couples that are most revered from the show: Andy and Solbi a.k.a  AnSol couple, Seo In Young and Crown J a.k.a. Ant Couple, Alex and Shin Ae a.k.a AlShin couple and Hyunjoong and Hwangbo a.k.a Lettuce couple. So far, all of the original couple have left, with Seo In Young and Crown J leaving in this past Episode 41 as the longest lasting couple. They have been replaced by Marco and Son Dambi, Hwanhee and Hwayobi, Kang In and Lee Yoon Ji, and Jung Hyung Don and Taeyeon.

In comparison with the original couples that were mentioned, the newer couples seem to lack the interesting characteristics of the older ones. This seems to be reflected in the lower ratings and not complete satisfaction with the new couples. Some of the newer couples include superstar singers such as Taeyeon and KangIn and I’m sure their counterparts have received enough threats from fans. Believe it, because it happens.

The Lettuce couple, known for their awkwardness in the beginning because of the age difference, became one of the funnest couples on screen, even winning MBC’s Best Couple Awards. All these couples had those moments and memories that are valuable and can only be produced through a close relationship. It was said to see them go, but we all hope that they can progess and improve their career with these moments as part of their valuable memories.



Hyunjoong and Hwangbo a.k.a Lettuce couple  


              Andy and Solbi a.k.a  AnSol couple


           Alex and Shin a.k.a AlShin Couple 

My favorite couple… I can’t say that I really have one without loving the other ones. But of all the couples, the most romantic couple would go to Alex and ShinAe. The couple started in Episode 1, but because Alex was recording for his new album, the couple separated in Episode 8. Due to popular demand, the couple was reunited in Episode 13 and continued until Episode 34. Alex just came up with everything romantic move possible to make his “wife” ShinAe happy. I haven’t seen so many ideas before to woo a woman. Some of my favorite scenes came from Episodes 22-24 when they had to take care of the babies, because you could see how they would work together even though the quadruplets were tiring. ShinAe started out very shy and seemingly introverted, not really wanting to fully open her heart to Alex, but at the end of their time, they definitely became a true couple. Every moment watching them was like watching a prince and a princess developing feelings for each other and becoming a close couple. When interviewed after their departure, ShinAe said that Alex would have been a good guy to date but not to marry. For you avid fans don’t get too hyped up, because even though Alex is a great guy, he seems to me like an oppa that would help you and be there for you during a difficult time, but marriage is a totally different thing. Hope to see them pursue their careers in acting and singing in the future!

Probably the most comedic couple was the Lettuce couple: Hyunjoong and Hwangbo. Despite the six year age difference, they had some really hilarious moments with teasing and laughing. Named the Lettuce couple after Hyunjoong cute pronounciation of lettuce in Korean, the couple immediately caught the attention of its audience shortly after becoming a couple. Honestly, their first meeting was awkward and tension and I didn’t think that they couple hold it out. But proving me long by a long way, they really brought a lot of chuckles and after a while they looked like they had been a couple forever. Laughing and plotting (yes, plotting) together, they created an unbreakable bond. …. Maybe not that extreme, but definitely a strong bond.

In the end, I guess all I’m trying to say is that I hope the newer couples will start to develop their own characteristics despite the awkwardness in the beginning. As the show moves on and couples change, we will never forget out original 4….









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