Taeyeon and Kangin… Watch Your Words


There has been a lot of controversy over a conversation between Kangin and Taeyeon, the hosts of ChinChin Radio about Taeyeon’s visit to the hospital. She complains that she went to the hospital during lunch time between she wasn’t feeling well and the nurse refused to administer the shot. The conversation:

Tae Yeon: Today I really realized something. I was feeling really bad and went to the hospital to get a shot, but it was the first time I registered at that hospital. They said the doctor wasn’t even there. So I asked for a shot but they said they can’t
Kang In: Why?
TY: She said she can’t give me a shot
KI: Why not? Do you have a shot…
TY: What was it…she had just come out from eating so she said she couldn’t
KI: So it wasn’t for any other reason but that she couldn’t give you a shot because she was in between meals??
TY: Yes it was meal time
KI: So tell the hospital face to face
TY: She said if it was really bad to lay down on a bed for a little bit
KI: The patient is first….
TY: But if that person is a nurse and if it’s really bad then she could just give a shot while I’m laying down
KI: Right.
TY: But why can’t she do it? Why?
KI: Why are you being this way to me? All I’m…
TY: I was so flabergasted and in pain
KI: So did you make a scene?
TY: I wanted to
KI: You can’t hold it in at times like that
TY: You know I’m timid so I timidly went about it…
KI: You saw the ridiculousness of it and just held it in?
TY: Timidly I asked how she could be like that and then timidly came out…but I really wanted to blow up
KI: If it was me I may have blown up really
TY: I was in no state because of the pain I was in
KI: So in the end you didn’t get the shot?
TY: Yes
KI: Ah where is that hospital? Shall we say around where it’s located?
TY: Can I say it?
KI: No don’t dont don’t you can’t!
TY: I can’t right
KI: There’s a lot of talk about this show…lots of articles
TY: I’m not letting sick people go to that hospital
KI: Huh?
TY: I’m not sending sick people to that hospital
KI: It’s not the hospital’s fault but the mind set of that nurse and she forgot what she has to do

So in short, Taeyeon accuses the nurse of not giving the shot because the nurse had just finished eating, but whether or not that is truly what the nurse said, it is illegal for a nurse to give a patient a shot without the presence of a doctor. Since it was lunch time, all the doctors were gone so obviously, the nurse couldn’t give the shot. What is really infuriating is Taeyeon’s comments near the end about how she was so angry that the nurse wouldn’t give her the shot that she wanted to blow up, but she held it in.  Oh please, Taeyeon. Don’t try to paint yourself as a good person. Is it that hard for you to wait like everyone else for the doctor to come in? But there has been a lot of bias towards this story as well, putting all of the blame on Taeyeon’s shoulders, but Kangin wasn’t exactly making the situation better. He seems agrees with her, amazed by her ability to hold in her anger at such an atrocity. Give me a break, Kangin. Then he asks her what hospital it is. Smart move, Einstein. Thank goodness, Taeyeon was able not to make the situation even worse. Taeyeon’s comments will be a blow to So Nyo Shi Dae’s comeback that happened earlier this month. Last year, there were controversies over other comments such as those by Tiffany during the China earthquake and others. There are anti-fans and fans that will pull the story to the extremes, but no matter how you defend them, sometimes the only way to see these celebrities is through their slip of the mouth.

After hearing Alicia Keys singing, Taeyeons reportedly said:

“For a black person, she’s really pretty.”

Okay, I understand that some comments can be pulled either way through argument, but no matter how I read this comment, it’s a racist comment. Goodness, Taeyeon. Was it really necessary to put the first part of the sentence? Just simply stating that she’s pretty is just fine.

Then, of course, SME, Taeyeon, and Kangin said their apologies.


~ by zaizai00 on January 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “Taeyeon and Kangin… Watch Your Words”

  1. hahaha, “FOR A BLACK PERSON, SHE”S REALLY PRETTY?” ahahhaha,,, good lord, this girl needs to get out of Korea!!!!

  2. “For a black person, she’s really pretty.”
    I suppose you can render it as a compliment. It was just a bad choice of wording, and everybody has those moments. You can’t blame her since in Korea they are rarely exposed to different cultures.

  3. oh, my gosh. that really makes her sound like a bitch. it makes sense that the nurse couldn’t give her a shot if there were no doctors present. and then her choice of wording with her alicia keys comment was bad, too. i realize that everyone does that sometimes, but did she try to correct herself? no. and she’s ‘famous’ or whatever, so she should really be making it a point to watch what she says, because this makes her look like racist no matter how you look at it.

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