KBS Banns SM Entertainment From Music Bank


I am kind of late on posting this information up… but just for those of you who haven’t heard, KBS has banned SM Entertainment artists from performing on KBS’s Music Bank. If you aren’t familiar with SM Entertainment, they have produced some of the most famous faces in the korean music entertainment, such as BoA, BBSK/TVQX, Shinee, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, etc. Apparently, there was some misunderstaing between KBS and SME which caused none of the SME artists to appear at the 2008 KBS Gayo Daechuk, kind of like an end of the year performance that is held by MBC, SBS and KBS. Because of the new hype over SNSD’s new comeback, SME tried to cover up this stories that SNSD needed more time to prepare for their new album and polish up their performances. But you can only hold up a lie for so long, especially after fans started getting more and more suspicious about the 2nd SNSD performance cancellation.

Really surprising that KBS would really go as far as to ban SME artists because of a no-show. But, KBS is one of the biggest broadcasting stations and with a no-show by SME artists, would have been a huge blow to their rating.  On the other hand, by banning SME artists, is probably not one of the smartest career moves considering SNSD success around their comeback and in general, the popularity of SME artists. The new year has just started, but KBS has been really sticking to the book for the last couple of months, including red-flagging DBSK’s Mirotic and Seungri(Big Bang) Strong Baby because of their lyrics. Ironically, no one else seemed to have a problem with the lyrics, including MBC and SBS who broadcasted the songs with the original lyrics. So just a heads up that we probably won’t be seeing SME on KBS Music Bank for a while…


~ by zaizai00 on January 18, 2009.

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