SME Snatching The Youngest of the Youngest


For those of you who think that So Nyo Shi Dae was too young at ages of 17-19 to debut on stage, think again. If you were awed when you saw Shinee’s Taemin’s age, this is going to make your jaw drop. Apparently SM is planning to release another girl group in 2009 with even younger trainees that could be as young as 15 years old. It seems to be following the trend of getting younger and younger celebrities in hopes that their careers will last longer because of the early career start. One of those trainees, ironically, is Jessica’s younger sister, Crystal. Shocker there. If SM Entertainment really does launch a new girl group in 2009, it may be received with mixed review that could hurt or boost So Nyo Shi Dae’s popularity and many others, such as Wonder Girls and Brown-Eyed Girls?

Seriously, has the world gone nuts?! Debuting on stage at 16 or younger? You have got to be kidding me. SME has probably pushed the limit to the point that the only thing they’re missing is breeding celebrities from birth. Girls at 16 becoming celebrities, meaning that some of them may not even finish high school. High school?! What are you going to do 10 years down the road when all the glamor is gone and your only 26? I don’t think jobs are easy to come around without a high school diploma. I’m pretty sure SME will make sure that they got a high school diploma and maybe even into college. Maybe. People, the economy is failing! Not just in the United States, but this is an international crisis going on here. So let’s pick this time to become celebrities at the age of 15. Right on. But it could be a way to stay out of the economic crisis. Sure, if you’re 100% sure that this is successful. Shall we return to the failed attempts at female groups?  But it should be fun watching So Nyo Shi Dae competing with even younger girls. They though SoHee was it. Here comes more.

credit @ popseoul for the pic


~ by zaizai00 on January 15, 2009.

One Response to “SME Snatching The Youngest of the Youngest”

  1. but nobody is complaining that Sohee and Sunmi debuted when they were only 15..
    hypocritical much?

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