The Perfect Life


Choi Jin Shil                                                                                              Jung Da Bin

With my current obsession with korean music, drama and basically entertainment, there came that craze about becoming an actress or singer or celebrity or such. Don’t shake your head at me… because everyone has that dream at least one point in their life. Well, at least most of us. Watching Shinee, So Nyo Shi Dae, Wonder Girls, etc. you just get this craving to be on stage too and have people screaming your name and having fans that send you gifts and seeing you face on billboards all across Asia. That would be nice, wouldn’t it. But let us step back into reality, shall we?

Phase 1: The Training

First, becoming popular celebrity, half of it depends on your looks. That is just the luck of the draw. If you’re pretty and can sing… you’ll probably end up in the singing industry with YG, SM, JYP of maybe DSP entertainment. If you’re pretty and have a nice body line, but you can’t sing… you’ll end up in the drama/acting industry, of you could be like Kim Tae Hee and just do CF, but she’s special especially her acting skills… but that’s a story for another time. Focusing on singers… most of the trainees have to be able to dance or sing, more of both. Training lasts at least 2-3 years and in the process you will be forced to learn basic chinese and english and maybe even japanese. Day after day… more singing and more dancing and on top of that, you’ll probably be in high school and school work is not excused because you’re a trainee. Try that one on your high school teacher. But let’s say, like a lot of us here, that we could go through any hardship during the trainee for years of success and popularity.

Phase 2: Stepping Into the Spotlight

If you make it throught the years of training, without being kicked out or quitting. Yes, people quit because sometimes the entertainment industries can be very harsh. They are there to create Asian superstars and could careless about whether you’re tired or not. The rumors about SME beating their singers because of a bad performance, that’s up to you to interpret. But I’m pretty sure that they won’t let it go nicely. Many think that once you get into SME and make it through the training and make it to the stage, that’s your ticket to popularity. Mostly true. But there is always a chance that you or your group won’t be so successful. Of course SME doesn’t flaunt their bands that have failed. A girl band under SME named M.I.L.K. lasted for about 2 year from 2001-2003. Isak N Jiyeon was a two member duo that only lasted one year. You may recognize Jiyeon as Lina from The Grace. What is Isak currently doing? A DJ. After years of training, one fail and she is a DJ.

One you’re a celebrity, the entertainment industry controls you’re life. The company own you and you do what they say or you can leave and risk going back to square one. They pick the clothes you wear, the makeup you wear, what event you go to. That may not sound so bad, but they suck almost every cent of the money from the albums you sell. So you better be selling a hell load amount of albums to be getting anything. A lot of artists hardly get enough sleep and some end up fainting on stage or going on a sick leave (coughHyoricough).

Final Phase: The Backstage

Let’s forwards about… 5 years. Let’s say that you have enjoyed about 5-6 years success as a singer and now what? Will you still be as popular? Statistics please!

S.E.S.   (1997-2002)

H.O.T.  (1996 -2001) (the bottom portion)

Fin.K.L  (1998-2002)

Some of te hottest and most popular bands o fhte 1990s and where are they now? A lot of the singers turning to acting because they don’t know what else to do. If you’re lucky you’ll succeed as an actress/actor or maybe even as a solo artist. All these former celebrities are reaching their 20’s and by the 30’s, no one know about their success on the screen because they are being overrun by newer and prettier/handsome bands. Think about all the current celebrities from SNSD, Wonder Girls, Big Bang, Shinee, etc. most of them haven’t even reached their 20’s yet, still teetering around the 17-18 mark. Even if they last 10 years in the entertainment industry, stretching it) they’ll be 26-29 years old. What to do now? They have almost nothing. And don’t tell about the college education. Most of the celebrities major in drama and the arts (duh) so they don’t learn anything that’ll help them in reality.

For some, this a scary realization and others may criticize my analysis of the celebrity life, but no matter how you think about it, glory can only last for a short time period. After that, glory will just escape you like trying to hold onto a rope of sand. So let’s think before you jump into what seems to be an oasis but is really the beginning of a desert of illusions. Think about the people who gave up their life in what seemed to be the perfect time. To give up what was thought to be the perfect life.


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