Yoona Really Destined for the Drama Screen?


I’ll take this wonderful opportunity to expand about Yoona’s acting, You Are My Destiny. At the 2009, KBS drama awards, Im Yoona was rewarded with a Netizen award a new actress award for her role as Jang Saebyuk in the KBS Daily Drama You Are My Destiny. A lof of people really loved the drama and what not, but if you ask the people who had dutifully watched every episode for the content and not just for the pretty face on the screen. Towards the middle and the end of the drama, the acting of the cast became lost in the chaos because of the horrific writing of the script. Of course, some of the fault burden lies on the shoulder of Park Jae Jung and ImYoona, the main couple in the drama really didn’t kick up the acting when expected. The beginning foreshadowed a cliche plot with the main character receiving her corneas from Dr. Kim Nayeong who happens to be her future adoptive parent’s daughter. Throughout the drama, the writers fail to expand that plot line with a few skirmishes and mild subplots around the cornea business. Then comes Kim Soobin, who is HS’s supposed fiancee. I really like her acting, but she was just in wrong place and character. She was holding on for too long, to a point where it was getting really old, and combined with all the random scenes of her fainting. You just wanted to say “When the hell are you going to wake up so that we can move on!” But she moves on (at a snail’s pace) but many Yoona fans were disappointed that she become a happy couple with NKW. Another actor that was just thrown into the scene to fill up the spot of Soobin’s boyfriend. You guys. It’s a drama. What did you expect her to do? Die in jail?

Then, with Soobin out of the way, here comes MJ which literally impedes the couple’s affection (? as if it ever existed) from pre-marital relationship to almost the last episode. After Soobin’s departure, you see potential mother-in-law vs. daughter-in-law relationship not going so well, but it’s typical and nothing unusual. But afterthe marriage, the mother-in-law is supposed to regain her senses and learn to love and care for her new daughter. But MJ just continues to sit there and bad-mouth everything that she possibly can, with Hose just sitting their like some lame duck not doing anything to protect his wife. At one part, he wants to break up with her, after the marriage, because it’s his mother death wish. She’s not even dying yet. I’m sorry, but I thought in order to make a death wish, you kind of had to be in the process of dying. Then she really gets leukemia, and that was a chuckler.  And as if the writer didn’t feel that enough was going on, let’s just through in Saebyuk’s biological mother, MiOk. And just for the kicks, let’s give her some fatal disease! So, from about this points, the drama is this tangled web with dead knot all over the place. So here is Saebyuk trying to give her bone marrow to her mother-in-law, and MJ won’t touch it like it’s going to kill her. Trust me, she can’t be any closer to going under. Giving one last shot, Hose and Saebyuk never seem to develop the love and affection that everyone was looking for. None of those butterfly scenes that make you feel all cuddly inside, no matter how bad the rest of the drama is. Nada. Nothing.

It’s true, my review was a little harsh on this drama, but it’s because I hold such high standards for daily dramas because of their excellent track record. I’d highly recommend KBS dramas in the past: Bizarre Bunch, Pure 19, As Much As Heaven and Earth, and I Hate You But It’s Fine. I Hate You But It’s Fine was one of the best and cutest dramas that I have ever seen and I come to watch You Are My Destiny, and I feel like I just finished vomitting.

But why is my reception so sensitive, but the rating show otherwise? Rating should be used loosely, a lot of times because the popularity of the actors and actresses play a large role in the ratings, and whch doesn’t always promise a high quality drama. But Yoona really did do some decent acting here and Park Jae Jung… not as good, but there were some highlights that he could get credit for. It’s too bad because he was so good in I Am Sam… I love this quote from soshified about the drama’s acting near the mid-end:

But the worry was unnecessary. The drama “You Are My Destiny” is now averaging 40% viewer ratings and are capturing the eyes of many families. This is all because of Yoona’s acting. Yoona’s facial expression and talking embraced Park Jaejung’s (Hose) insufficient acting and added to the expressing of the situation. 

Wait, what? I’m fully aware that soshified is a SNSD fan forum and this was probably a biased opinion by one of the forum members (I hope), but Yoona did not pull this off by herself. No way. Yeah, Park Jaejung was a little iffy, but this is just a crude comment. Soshified hasn’t left the best impression on many people, but that’s another story. For one thing, all the supporting cast raised this drama to decent level. Lee Pil Mo and Lee Ji Hoon were definitely highlights that gave the drama a boost. But the ratings show a high 40% viewership. Well, what does that include though? It includes all those fans that are just sitting there drooling in front of Yoona’s face… The other part of the audience are just ajummas who watch dramas because…it’s what they do… and the other part (which sadly, includes myself) are the ones grabbing their hair and slamming their heads against the walls asking “When is it going to end?!” Now a lot of people comment on why would I keep watching. Because agony is part of a drama. There are just certain places where you feel that nothing could get worse and usually the plot picks up and we move on. How was I supposed to know that the plot would be stuck in a mud hole for half of the drama? More good news… Park Jae Jung is rumored to be scheduled for an upcoming drama with another SNSD member. Yeaahhh…

So if you really feel like watching Yoona, this drama is as Yoona-filled as any drama is going to get… butI did warn you…

credits @ soshified


~ by zaizai00 on January 9, 2009.

One Response to “Yoona Really Destined for the Drama Screen?”

  1. jeeezz…i completely disagree with your review…i’ve been watching the drama lately and i’m now in episode 134. i don’t think it deserve this harsh criticism you wrote. well, the rating says it all. dunno if you have a grudge to the script writers or something, but i actually love how the story is being portrayed. i love the straightforwardness of the characters and how the writers develop each of them…well, i gotta write my own review after I finished watching the whole series…

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