So Nyo Shi Dae Present “Gee”

My first impression of the title of the mini-album: an attempt to be cute with few words. Fits the So Nyo Shi Dae image. What did I think when I heard Gee? Honestly, I wasn’t really surprised with the short cute lyrics and the catchy tune and the storyline about a girl’s love story. It’s SNSD’s whole image is a young female group. Gee isn’t exactly my favorite song, especially the fact that before I saw the music video, I couldn’t tell you was singing what because all the voices sounded exactly the same except for TaeYeon’s.

What I love is the all the chaos and press about the mini-album afterwards. First reaction by SM Entertainment and the girls was, “We are friends with the Wonder Girls!  The Wonder Girls have their own unique Wonder Girls color to them and we have our own unique color to us, so we hope people can like and value us all!” Okay… talk about how “friendly” you guys become when the competition starts. Let the music do the talking. Girls’ Generation has been in a hiatus for a little more than a year, rare for a debut music group and taking a chance. Gee “has reached the Number 1 spot on an online music site in just two days” according to Soshified, in comparison with Big Bang’s hit Haru Haru and Wonder Girls’ Nobody which both started in the 20 seat or lower. To make the album even better… remeber that Haptic Motion CF with SNSD and DBSK? Remeber than song in the background? Well, the girls’ (or SME) decided to make it into a song. Lacking some creativity, no?

For those you who aren’t willing to admit it, SNSD is popular because of looks. It’s the face and the body. No argument. Maybe a little bit of dancing and singing, maybe Wonder Girls have been working their butts off in 2008 with So Hot and Nobody and SNSD just waltz in with a mini-album and immediately sweeps the nation. Fair. Of course not, but it’s the entertainment industry after all. Once an avid fan of SNSD, many people complained to me that SNSD has nothing except the looks. May or may not be true, the same case that a lot of people use against Super Junior. But the reality is, even if a singer/band was had real talent, but butt ugly, what is the chance that they are going to rise to fame as quickly. Probably not a chance. SG Wannabe for instance, known for their voice and not for their faces. Took them a couple of years to reach the status that they are now.

But now onto the music video that came out a couple days after the mp3 version. One word. Huhhh? I saw the teaser and got the whole idea about the mannequins, but the dance moves were kind of disappointing. I’m hoping that the performance will be a lot more…impressive. It was like Kissing You and Baby Baby, simplified, edited and mixed a little, but wearing heals the whole time makes it hard to do anything. The mini-album was released on the 7th and SNSD plans to perform on Music Core on the 10th.


credit @ soshified 


~ by zaizai00 on January 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “So Nyo Shi Dae Present “Gee””

  1. reading through your posts about SNSD, you’re just biased..yeah. seriously.
    They’ve only got the “looks”? I really wonder if you’ve taken your time to see what each member is capable of. Look at Taeyeon especially…listen to her sing then you tell me she doesn’t have the “voice”? Look at Yuri and Hyo Yeon…and YoonA…the best three dancers in the group.
    You’re saying that WG worked their butt off but SNSD didn’t? plz. You probably have no idea how much they pushed themselves behind the their training and night to prepare for the mini album. Their comeback was delayed because something caught up and they had to ditch the originally planned comeback song and we have Gee.

  2. mm… don’t get me wrong. I really do like So Nyo Shi Dae, and taeyeon is an excellent singer without a doubt. It’s just if you step back and look at the big picture, I mean they created a song out of the word “Gee” like creating a song revolving around “omonoa”. I realize that’s the trend, but does it really make a whole lot of sense?

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