Welcoming 2009

Boys Before Flower Preview

 Happy New Year everyone! Here are ten most anticipated dramas of next year. Hopefully 2009 will come with many more surprises! Warning: all the information related to the title, episodes, episodes, etc. are subject to chance at any time and the numbers and names given are supposed and not assured.


Cain and Abel

Air Date: Feb 2009

Episode: 20

Casting: So Ji Sub (I’m Sorry I Love You), Han Ji Min (Capital Scandal), Shin Hyun Joon (Stairway to Heaven)


There was a lot of hussle and bussle about this drama when it was first announce. Since, almost the entire cast has been changed and the plot has been teaked. The basic plot line is about two brothers, one jealous of the other because it seems that his brother has stolen the woman, fame, and attention. This will be So Ji Sub’s return to the drama screen since 2004 and Shin Hyun Joon since 2003.


Land of Professionals

Air Date: March 2009

Episodes: 24

Casting: Ji Sung (New Heart), Sung Yuri (Hong Gil Dong)


Previously known as Hidden, it seems that this drama isn’t really ready for airing. Why? Because the plot is supposedly about four people, but only two have been confirmed. Ehhh… we can always have twins. Ji Sung had a lot of success with New Heart and gained some points with solid acting while Sung Yuri recently some awards for Hong Gil Dong.


Queen Seon Duk

Air Date: May 2009

Episodes: 50

Casting: Lee Yeon Won (Surgeon Bong Dal Hee), Ko Hyun Jung (H.I.T.), Myun Se Bin (Goong S)


A story about the first Queen of Silla, played by Lee Yeon Won? Stretching it a little far, but she does have the potential to excel in this drama. Despite failing in Bad Love, she showed lots of potential in Surgeon Bong Dal Hee. Myun Se Bin hasn’t had a solid chance to show her talents after landing herself in Goong S. Ugghhh… But she deserves a solid chance and here is her chance.


Empress Chun Chu

Air Date: Jan 2009

Episodes: 60+

Casting: Chae Si Ra (Emperor of the Sea), Kim Suk Hoon (Blissful Woman), Choi Jae Song (Time Between Dog and Wolf), Kim So Eun (Sad Love Song)


A drama about the third empress of the Goryeo ero who fought against the Manchurian people in order to reclaim their old land. If you like to watch for cuteness, this probably isn’t the drama for you, but it seems to have some strong casting. But still too early to say anything…


 Princess Ja Myung Go

Air Date: Feb 2009

Episodes: 50

Casting: Park Min Young (I Am Sam), Jung Ryu Won (Which Star Are You From, My Lovely Kim Sam Soon), Jung Kyung Ho (Time Between Dog and Wolf)


A well-known cast, not for great acting, but the names are out there. Jung Ryu Won once again takes on the role of evil while Park Min Young attempts again at playing the good character. Junk Kyung Ho hasn’t been seen for about a year so it’s an interesting cast, but has great potential.


 The Return of the Iljimae

Air Date: Jan 2009

Episodes: 24

Casting: Jung Il Woo (Unstoppable High Kick), Yoon Ji Suh, Kim Min Joong (Sweet Spy)

Originally planned for 2008, here comes MBC’s version of the legendary tale of the Iljimae. It was reported that Jung Il Woo gave up his lead in the drama Triple in order to play the lead in this drama. It’s a newbie cast, but sometimes that proves to be better (and less disappointing) than a premium cast. A little longer than SBS’s version, giving it the challenge of holding interest until the end.



Air Date: Jan 2009

Episodes: 16

Casting: Kang Ji Wan (Hong Gil Dong, Capital Scandal), Lee Sun Gyun (1st Shop Coffee Prince), Yoon Kye Sang (Who Are You?), Min Hyo Rin


A story about professional ice skaters and the background story. This’ll be an interesting drama to watch, but has the danger of going into cliché mode. The male casting is superb, but the newbie females will be an interesting catch.



Boys Before Flowers

Air Date: Jan 5 2009

Episodes: 24

Casting: Koo Hye Sun (Pure 19, Strongest Chil Woo), Lee Min Ho (I Am Sam), Kim Hyung Joong (Hotelier), Kim Bum (East of Eden), Kim Joon


The manga for this drama because a hit when it was first put into drama form in the TW drama Meteor Garden in 2001. In 2006, Japan made Hana Yori Dango based on the same manga and Korea seems to be the last to hope into the wagon. A story about a poor girl who becomes tangled up with a boy group known as F4, the richest but most troublesome boys in the school. Another debut cast expect for Goo Hye Sun. Hopefully, cuteness won’t be the only this attractive about this drama.


The Road Home

Air Date: Jan 12 2009

Episodes: 100+

Casting: Uhm Ki Joon (The World They Live In), Park Hye Won (When It’s At Night), Lee Sang Woo (9 End 2 Outs)


And finally, our KBS daily drama of the year. A story about the eldest son of a hospital’s CEO. His wife bore a child out of wedlock but raises it with maternal love. Kind of cliché but I can see where this drama has repair KBS’ reputation and put it as one of the top dramas of the year. The casting is cute and mature. Very suitable for a daily drama.



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