2008 KBS Drama Awards

I’ll be doing the same thing I did for the MBC awards. Just a nice quick summary of the winner’s list, just input and some comments on the attire and what not. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t too surpised about the list this year. The drama for this year… weren’t as good as last year where you could almost reach out and grab a random drama and not be totally repulsed by it.

Winner’s List:

Daesang: Kim Hye-ja (Mom’s Dead Upset)
Top Excellence (Actor): Song Il-kook (Kingdom of the Wind)
Top Excellence (Actress): Kim Ji-soo (Women in the Sun)
Excellence (Miniseries, Actor): Jung Jin-young (Kingdom of the Wind)
Excellence (Miniseries, Actress): Lee Hana (Women in the Sun)
Weekly Drama (Actor): Lee Won-jong (Great King Sejong)
Weekly Drama (Actress): Lee Yoon-ji (Great King Sejong)
Daily Drama (Actor): Lee Pil-mo (You’re My Destiny)
Daily Drama (Actress): Kim Jung-nan (You’re My Destiny)
Supporting Actor: Kim Yong-gun (Mom’s Dead Upset), Eom Ki-joon (The World They Live In)
Supporting Actress: Bae Jong-ok (The World They Live In)
New Actor: Jung Kyeo-woon (Women in the Sun)
New Actress: Yoon-ah (You’re My Destiny)
Popularity Award (Actor): Jang Geun-seok (Hong Gil Dong)
Popularity Award (Actress): Jang Mi-hee (Mom’s Dead Upset), Sung Yuri (Hong Gil Dong)
Young Actor: Lee Hyun-woo (Great King Sejong)
Young Actress: Shim Eun-kyung (Women in the Sun)

Special Drama/One-Act Drama (Actor): Yoon Hee-seok (TV Literature – Spring Spring Spring)
Special Drama/One-Act Drama (Actress): Park Min-young (Hometown of Legends)
Best Couple: Kim Yong-gun & Jang Mi-hee (Mom’s Dead Upset), Song Il-kook & Choi Jung-won (Kingdom of the Wind, Kang Ji-hwan & Sung Yuri (Hong Gil Dong)
Netizen Award: Kang Ji-hwan (Hong Gil Dong), Yoon-ah (You’re My Destiny)
Lifetime Achievement: Yoo Chul-joo, lighting director
Friendship Award: Lee Hyo-jung
Special Award: Samhwa Neworks CEO Shin Hyun-taek (Mom’s Dead Upset)

The MC’s: Choi Su-jong and Han Ji-min:

Park Hae Jin and Han Ji Hye (East of Eden) [both were in KBS daily dramas in 2006 and 2007]


Some Side Notes:

If you noticed, the KBS daily drama this year, You Are My Destiny around four awards, which may seem like a lot, except for the fact that Yoona received two of them and Park Jae Jung didn’t get a squat. In comparison with I Hate You But It’s Fine last year, it was a pretty devasting blow. Recently, I was commenting on a episode of You Are My Destiny that this was probably not the best drama of the year. Instantly, people were attacking me. Not like I was surprised, but it kind of disappointed me. What made me laugh was that one person challenged my judgement by saying, if the drama was so bad, why did Yoona receive 2 awards at the KBS drama awards. Who ever said that you had to be a great actress to get the new actress and Netizen Award? It’s like an awards saying that Yoona is an actress in progress. Pretty looks but no one said anything about superb acting. Don’t get me wrong. I think that Yoona has a potential as a good actress, but You Are My Destiny really is just chaos and poorly written. The supporting cast helped a little, but not enough to make up for the convulted cast.

Hong Gil Dong and Mom’s Dead Upset were no real surprise and Kang Ji Wan was one of the most deserving award winners. Women in the Sun received good critique toward the end of the show and high ratings as well. Although one of the categories, Friendship Award kind of made me chuckle a little. I have no idea what that’s a commendment for. Being friendly? Lastly, I was kind of surprised that of all the cast members that won awards for World That They Live In, Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo didn’t get a single thing. A little surprising?

Now to the clothing section!

Wait, wait! I can’t see! One of my favorites from this year,  Lee Hana looks like she’s a little dazed and about to pass out. Or maybe just bad lighting… hehe


Here, our SNSD’s Im Yoona gets a bit teary after receiving her awards. Okay… maybe if she could cry like that in her drama… The skirt seems a little stiff, but on the bright side it’s not as short as she’s usually wearing.

Song Il Kook in a usual tux although the hair bothers me a little, but I was never one for long hair. But understandable because of the drama…

Kang Ji Wan and Sung Yuri looking elegant and perfect. I love the cut on Sung Yuri’s dress and Kang Ji Wan with a tux, but with a little bit of freedom without a tie.

No… this isn’t Sung Yuri. Park Min Young seems to have liked Sung Yuri’s outfit… a lot…

And the FAVORITE of the year….Jang Geun Suk!

This picture made me laught. A lot. I really appreciate the new outfit ( in comparison with the fur) but the hair? A little unique no? Looks like ShinDong during Wonder Boy performances. But deserves accolade for his role in Hong Gil Dong.

credit @ dramabeans


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