2008 Taiwanese Drama Recap








When I watch a Taiwanese drama, there is really not much expectation for quality or anything much. Most drama fall under the had-potential-but-failed-after-episode 3 category. Many close friends of mine think dramas are great because the actors are cute. Give me a break. If I must make one comment about this year, it’s that F4, or whatever their name is after they’ve changed it a million times, should stick with the singing. Acting is just not their thing. Any of them. But in general, this year wasn’t unusually bad, but it wasn’t that outstanding either. 

Sloppy Sloppy Work

Wish to See You Again: Six words. Vic Zhou… get out of here. One of the reasons I watched this drama (not for Vic for those of you who did), but for Chen Yan Xi who debuted in Why Why Love last year. I thought she had some potential, but she blew it here. I watched the first couple episodes… and just shook my head. Ken’s haircut kind of pissed me off because he looks bald on one side and hair on the other, but the drama itself is too complicated for mediocre actors. There were around three or four subplot just rolling around kept swirling together and towards the end, gave up. All I got from this drama was “Please don’t leave me (insert name here)… let’s run away together!” and “I have to leave (insert other name here), because it’s the best for her because being with me will just give her more pain.” sob. sob. Oh please, if you want to branch off of korean dramas, at least do it with some skill. A few months later, I decided to watch some of the last episodes, and the ending just ticked me off with the whole car accident thing and Kingone’s character just sitting in that damn taxi and like doing some “lover from afar” stuff. Then the part where he’s seen and the whole “taxi driver! drive away!!!” and the running and ohh… please it burns my brain to even think about it….

Full Count: This drama was just awful. The first episode was an automatic no. Joanne Zheng is a pretty okay actress with lots of potential for her age, but Tony blew it and so did Chen Yi. I gave the second episode a chance, really truly… but 10 minutes in, I was banging my head against my book.

Sweet Relationship: Vic really managed to outdo himself… in the awful acting category. The acting was so so and I thought maybe the plotline could make up a little for the poor acting… but apparently not. Why I watched the whole thing… I really don’t know. The longer the drama went, the more convoluted everything became and then I don’t know what happened and then bam! Random making out scenes. Just for the record, don’t try to copy Devil Beside You… kissing wise. That was a one shot deal. It fit there, but it probably won’t anywhere else. The wedding at the end was sporadic and Vic looked like he wanted to die. He really needs to work on that smile.

Woody Sambo: The directors must have been shaky about this drama to take some of the popularity from Fated to Love You by integrating the plots. Nicholas Teo was kind of overrated in Smiling Pasta and I guess I help some hope for him in this drama, but it really fell through the floor. Maybe it’s the high-pitched voice or something. If you’re choking on a fish bone or such, I recommend this drama because it induces instead vomitting…. yah, a little harsh, but really, it was 3 episodes of pure agony of 19 total… Nicholas Teo came off with a high popularity potential from Smiling Pasta and after two years…. this?

Ehh… Okay

Hot Shot: The main attraction for this was the casting. Jerry Yan, Wu Zhun and Alan Lo. One of the positive points was that the drama was extended, but I think three episodes was a good way to go. Not too long and not too short. The acting was mediocre, but Jerry definately didn’t boost up his acting points. Whenever he acts, there is always a feeling that he hasn’t eaten in days or something and that he’s going to pass out anytime. The emo and serious attitude really needs to be changed. The general chemistry of the cast pretty good, but the ending was awful. It’s like death is a win-win situation. I don’t know how to end this, so let’s have someone die and then when can have some moral story ending. Don’t do that. bad. bad.

Hana Kimi: This drama picked up a lot of rage for some reason, although the plot line was original and the acting was pretty okay, actually. I didn’t really follow through because the whole when-is-she-going-to-be-revealed idea was getting old and I was getting tired of going “oooohhh…wait… nothing happened…”

Miss No Good: This was probably one of the higher end of the mediocre dramas because the plot was original, although a tad cliche with the abandonment and lost mother issues. Rainie’s acting improved a bit, but this drama had a few personal pet peeves that distanced me from loving it whole heartedly… Rainie’s voice was just as bad as nails on a chalk board. I understand the background of her character, but way over doing it. It certain scenes, she kind of looked like a talking chipmunk. Another kink was Dean and the fact that I couldn’t understand half of what he was saying. Personal pet peeve of mine is actors with a heavy accent coming in as the lead. His acting is okay… but the accent needs a lot of work on, or maybe he should just stick with japanese dramas?

Bull Fighting: No particular point of excellence but it was okay… again… can’t stress enough of the cliche in dramas these days, but Hebe really needs some acting lessons, but Lee Wei and Mike’s acting made up some of the bad acting. Watched bits and parts and not a strong attention grabber…

Not Bad, Not Bad 

Romantic Princess: This drama tied with Miss No Good in terms of acting, but won over because of more cuteness. So really, these two dramas were about the same except for Romantic Princess had a bit more tension at times and the brothers were really cute. The ending… again ambiguous as most tw drama endings are…. but happy, sort of…

Fated to Love You: Best drama of the year. Hands down. I agree that the drama was a little overrated at the end and Bianca Bai acting wasn’t great, but I loved it all together. The grandma and Chen Xi’s mom really made some comedic moments and remind me of my own grandma and mom sometimes. Highly recommended!


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