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 So MBC held their 2008 Drama Awards today and I decided just to put out the list of winner for the certain categories. Despite being a female, outfits and fashions are not such a biggie of mine, except for a few that really stand out, so I’ll be making a few comments on those. Most of you have already gone to dramabeans to read the full length report, but here’s for those of you who’d like the shorter version.

Winners List:

Daesang/Grand Prize: Kim Myung-min (Beethoven Virus), Song Seung-heon (East of Eden)
Top Excellence (Actor): Jo Jae-hyun (New Heart), Jung Jun-ho (The Last Scandal of My Life)
Top Excellence (Actress): Lee Mi-sook (East of Eden),
      Bae Jong-ok (Woman of Matchless Beauty Park Jung-geum)
Excellence (Actor): Lee Dong-gun (When Night Comes), Jo Min-ki (East of Eden)
Excellence (Actress): Han Ji-hye (East of Eden), Moon Sori (Golden Age of My Life)
New Actor: Park Hae-jin (East of Eden), Jang Geun-seok (Beethoven Virus)
New Actress: Lee So-yeon (Golden Age of My Life), Lee Yeon-hee (East of Eden)
Popular Actor: Song Seung-heon (East of Eden)
Popular Actress: Lee Yeon-hee (East of Eden)

Golden Actor Award, Miniseries Category: Ji Sung, Kim Min-jung (New Heart)
Golden Acting Award, Serial Drama: Park Geun-hyung (Woman of Matchless Beauty Park Jung-geum and East of Eden), Hong Eun-hee (Don’t Hesitate)
Golden Acting Award, Supporting Actor: Park Chul-min (New Heart and Beethoven Virus),
      Shin Eun-jung (East of Eden)
Golden Acting Award, Mid-level actor: Yoo Dong-geun (East of Eden); Song Ok-sook (Beethoven Virus)

Best Couple: Song Seung-heon & Lee Yeon-hee (East of Eden)
Drama of the Year: Beethoven Virus
Special Child Actor Award: Park Gun-tae, Shin Dong-woo, Nam Ji-hyun (East of Eden)
Lifetime Achievement: Choi Jin-shil (The Last Scandal of My Life)
Special PD Award: Lee Soon-jae (Beethoven Virus); Yeon Jung-hoon (East of Eden)

Family Award: I Love You, Don’t Cry
Writer of the Year Award: Na Yeon-sook (East of Eden),
      Hong Jin-ah, Hong Ja-ram (Beethoven Virus),
      Kim Eun-hee (MBC Special)

Radio Top Excellence: Lee Moon-sae (This Is Lee Moon-sae In the Morning)
Radio Excellence: Kang-in (Good Friend); Kang Seok-woo (Women’s Era)
Radio Rookie Award: Kim Shin-young

What I love about these drama awards is the difference between the excellence awards and the popularity awards. Most of the time, one of the actors or actresses overlap and sometimes it’s deserved and sometimes it’s not. For example Song Seung Heon. Yes, he’s cute and what not, but that’s what he gets the popularity awards for. It’s like an award for being cute. Yay. Fact is, if you are someone on the drama screen, chances are, you’re not going to be ugly. It’s like Kim Tae Hee, but male version. Which makes me confused about why he got the excellent actor award, and shared it with Kim Myung Min, who actually deserved it. Not saying that Beethoven Virus was my favorite drama ever, but he definately did his part. As you’ve noticed, Most of the awards went to East of Eden actors and actresses, old and young, of which I think Han Ji Hye and Park Hae Jin were the most deserving, but I loved both of them before this drama, so maybe my judgement is a tad biased. But of all the East of Eden members, where is Lee Dae Hee? After public reporting that she was going to drop out of the drama, maybe not just the directors and producers where upset… Hint: drop out of the most popular drama, AFTER the drama awards.

One of the high points was the numerous awards for actors and actresses from New Heart and The Last Scandal of My Life, two of the few excellent dramas of 2008 that really give hope that quality dramas can still be produced. Now onto the fashion section. Skipping all the boring suits and what not to move to the hilarious and amazing outfits of 2008.

Attires: Beautful and Elegant to Just Plain UGGGHHH….


East of Eden’s Lee Yeon Hee managed a simple and elegant style. Nothing flashy, but rather less than too much. Kind of a Roman goddess feel to it, but again… elegant.


Here, Han Ji Hye manages to out-do herself. Really. Love her on the screen, but I get this Tarzan womany feel here. Love the hair in a bun, but maybe fewer hearts…?


Jang Geun Suk… WHAT THE HECK DIED ON YOU? Men wearing furs has never been a favorite of mine, but this is just incredible. I’m really hoping this was picked out for you or your right shoulder was really cold. A simple suit would have been perfect.

Ji Sung manages to pull off a classy and stylish look. Again… not too flashy, but I tend to have a more conservative taste. Cocktail time..

Han Ji Min’s dress is nice and her earing add a nice touch without overdoing it. Looks clean and cute but mature at the same time.

Shin Sung Rok when a tad overboard with the whole suit and tux idea, especially the bowtie and the glassses. Although he could pass off as a professor…

Lee Ji Ah… Not the best outfit ever and it makes her seem a little…. plump…. which she is not. The handbag is cute, but the hair looks a little hurried and the dress doesn’t really flow…

Lee Jung Jin… just another example of a simple and classy outfit. Looks like Ji Sung and Lee Jung Jin were thinking the same thing…

 credits @ dramabeans.com


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