Drama Note 32: Star’s Lovers Really Hits the Spot


If you have been scrolling down the list of korean drama on mysoju and dramacrazy, you’ve probably realized that the latter part of this year has been so-so with the quality of the dramas that it has been releasing. Worlds within Worlds went a little downwards after the first couple episodes… like a mediocre attempt at a remake of On Air. But Star’s Lovers has been one to catch me eye in the mass of mediocre dramas that have been airing. I must thank dramabeans for providing the summaries that helped me get started with this drama in the first place. First off, background check. Casting: Choi Ji Woo (Stairway to Heave) and Yoo Ji Tae as the leads, Lee Ki Woo (Rude Women)Cha Ye Ryun (Bad Love) and Choi Phillip (Star’s Lovers) as supporting actors and actresses. Not filled with A-List actors, but definately filled with potentially good actors and actresses. Since Stairway to Heave, Choi Ji Woo hasn’t been 100% successful in maintaining her acting status and this wood be Yoo Ji Tae’s first drama in 9 years and his first time with a lead role. Episodes? about 20, with implies some complications in the middle but overall a nice number and deviates from the popular “sweet 16”.  Filming location at two universities, including the first drama ever to be filmed at Seoul University, imply a sort of scholarly aspect to the plot line which is a nice touch to start out with.

After reading the summary of the first couple episodes, there was a feeling of a little love drama, but almost like a fantasy. The setting has a bit to do with it… but the overall atmosphere. Now, I haven’t keep up with Choi Ji Woo since Stairway to Heaven, so when I read the beginning of the plot, I was thinking, “oh no… here comes another histrionic drama, expecting to have some waterworks at the end.” But after watching episode 3-6, I began to realize that there is a touch of cuteness in it. Choi Ji Woo = cuteness? Not exactly, but there are points for trying. Not exactly a strong point in the drama, but it doesn’t pull it down. But all the good notes in the beginning don’t predict a good drama in the end. Hopefully the directors can keep up the good work!


~ by zaizai00 on December 29, 2008.

One Response to “Drama Note 32: Star’s Lovers Really Hits the Spot”

  1. Star’s Lover hit my heart. It’s definetely romantic & heart-
    throbbing. Choi Ji Woo & Yoo Ji Tae’s chemistry was sizzling (comparable to Choi Ji Woo & Kwon Sang Woo in Stairway to Heaven). I guess I have a new favorite drama couple, CJW & YJT. YJT looks cute in this drama. I saw his previous photo & I should say he looks much better in Star’s Lover. I like Lee Ki Woo, too, tall & handsome. Star’s Lover fighting…..

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