Food For Thought: Fangirls

Browsing through the internet, I discovered Soy’s Mind, a blog created by the founder of, one of most renowned international So Nyo Shi Dae fansites. There, she posted an interesting response to the reaction to the word “fangirl”. As provided by Wikipedia, the definition of fangirl is as follows:

The term fangirl can be used to describe a female member of a fandom community (as opposed to the masculine “fanboy“). However, it is most often used in a derogatory sense to describe a girl’s obsession with something, most commonly a male teen idol or an aspect. Fangirl behaviour is believed to vary in intensity. On one end of the scale are those that, while harbouring a crush on a particular actor or character, are perfectly capable of understanding that the fulfilment of the crush is never going to happen. On the other end are the girls who are said to be obsessive in their claims on a fictional character. Fangirl behaviour can fall anywhere between these criteria, but the closer someone is believed to be towards the obsessive end, the more derogative the use of the term ‘fangirl’ to describe them is perceived to be.

In the fandom world, society, and even the entertainment industry can sometimes be sexest towards the outcome of the fans. Many believe that boy bands should only have female fans, and female bands should only have male fans. You choose otherwise and defy the rules, you will be labeled a homosexual. One example, of course, is korean pop bands such as Big Bang, Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation, Shinee, SG Wannabe, BoA and many others. When you view different fan clubs, you start to see the division in gender. Boy bands usually have a majority of female fans and female bands have a majority of male supporters. There’s nothing wrong with that, but boys should not be intimidated to express their liking for a boy bands and similarily for female fans. Just because a girl likes a female band like Wonder Girls or Girls’ Generation doesn’t make them a lesbian and gay men aren’t boys who like Big Bang.

Personally, I like Girls’ Generation, Big Bang, SG Wannabe, Wonder Girls (a littly iffy), etc. and why should I be intimidated to say that I like female bands. If I hear one day the some member from Girls’ Generation or Wonder Girls is going out with some random guy, my heart isn’t going to burst and I’m not going to commit suicide. I’m going to support my bands and their members and stand by whatever they do. Which brings up the topic about Girls’ Generation memeber Yoona in her current drama, You Are My Destiny. It seems that many of the male fans are against any kissing in the drama because it’ll tear their hearts out. Please, be realistic. She’s acting in a drama for goodness sake, not getting married, and even it she was why should that be an issue? As fans, there should be support and confidence in what she does, and not what you, personally, want her to do. So the next time your watching any drama and see your favorite actor or actress on the screen, think about what would be best for the drama and for the future, not some selfish request. That is the heart of a true fan.

So the next time you listen to music or watch a drama or movie, listen and watch with your heart. I go by the music and the talent. When I listen to a bands, I LISTEN to a band and choose them based on skill and talent, not constantly afraid of social criticism. Music is something of an enjoyment, not a plaque or symbol to hold up saying how perfect you are. We should listen to music regardless of who is singing or dancing behind it. When you like a band, go for it and please, on a fan forum, don’t check what you think the “correct” gender should be. You want to be a fan, then be one.  



~ by zaizai00 on November 18, 2008.

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