Drama Note 29: Major Updates!!


  • Won Bin, famous for his acting roles in the drama Autumn Tale and Friends, is returning to the big screen with his movie, Mother. The movie revolves around Won Bin, who is falsely accused of murder and his mother, played my Kim Hye Ja.
  • After Tazza finishes airing in December, the drama Terroir plans to take its slot as SBS’s Monday and Tuesday drama. The plot is about Kang Tae Min, a man who was taught in the art of tasting wine. Tae Min inherited the wine production from his family and introduces Lee Woo Joo to the world of wine. The cast includes Kim Joo Hyuk (Lovers in Prague) as Kim Tae Min and Han Hye Jin (Jumong) as Lee Woo Joo. Apparently, the production of this drama started about two years ago and has not been released until recently and has had a costly budget of about 6 million U.S. dollars. Not surprisingly, the drama’s setting is to take place in France, the wine capital of the world and this will be the first Korean drama to dedicate its plot to the wine industry.
  • Some old news about the SBS drama Cain and Abel that I haven’t gotten around to posting. The original storyline was about two brothers who were separated when they were young and they grew up to be two different people. One was a gangster whereas the other was a detective and they both fell in love with the same girl. The original storyline seems a tad too cliché for an average audience and foreshadows some kind of drama death, that I’m sick of, but might have gotten some points for strong acting. The plot has been changed to: Cho In is a very gifted doctor who has everything that he wants whereas his older brother, Seon Woo, is jealous of all the attention that Cho In receives. Seon Woo blames his brother for taking everything good in his life away from him. Seon Woo blames Cho In for getting their father’s love, getting more recognition as a doctor, and for stealing the woman he loves. So Ji Sub (I’m Sorry I Loved You) plays Cho In, the innocent and gifted doctor, whereas his costar, Shin Hyun Joon (Stairway to Heaven) plays the evil and jealous older brother. Han Ji Min (Capital Scandal) and Chae Jung Ahn (Coffee Prince) plays the main female roles. Compared to the original cast, Jung Ryu Won (Which Star Are You From) and Ji Jin Hee (Spotlight), which backed out due to delays in airing this drama, the hastily assembled cast has a lot to live up to.
  • Some new features that have been added to the blog. I’ve decided to change the style in favor of a wider colun so more room for writing and comments!
  • Also, I’ve added two new pages, KDram and TW Drama that will contain some reviews about dramas that I have watched in the past. For the drama such as Hong Gil Dong and Bull Fighting, the original reviews will be condensed and posted in under the correct pages. Please check them out and leave comments.
  • I have added another category called Food For Thought for some deep down personal thoughts about the entertainment industry or some corks and thoughts about society. Read, comment, and critique.
  • Lastly, the pages KDrama OST Downloads and TW Drama OST Downlaods has been combined under one page: Original Soundtracks because it seems kind of burdensome to have two separate pages. Enjoy!

credits @ wiki.d-addicts.com and @ soompi


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