Drama Note 28: Kim Tae Hee Returns…


  • 28-year old actress and model Kim Tae Hee returns to the drama screen after five years, in the drama IRIS, scheduled to air in 2009. She co-stars with Lee Byung Hyun (All In) and Big Bang singer turned actor T.O.P. (I am Sam). The drama revolves around national organizations with Lee Byung Hyun and T.O.P. acting as assassins and Kim Tae Hee as a psychological analysist.
  • Hollywood films starring Korean actors seems to have become a new trend in the entertainment business. Two movies are playing to air next year starring former G.O.D. member Park
    Joon-hyung, in the movie Dragon Ball, and Daniel Henney in the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The former plans to air in March 2009 with X-Men coming shortly after in late april.
  • The highly anticipated MBC version of the drama Iljimae has been replaced by General Hospital 2, starring Chae Tae Hyun.

credits @ soompi and @ wiki.d-addicts


~ by zaizai00 on November 10, 2008.

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