Drama Note 27: News Updates



  • First off, Kwon Sang Woo decided that he going to be spending some more time with his wife, after his recent marriage, but seems to have lost his common sense and manners in the process. He was scheduled to co-star alongside Han Ji Won in the movie “My Love Beside Me” and had done just about everything except officially sign the contract. Recently, there have been a lot of actors coming in and out of dramas and movies, so what’s the big deal? This will be his first film after his wedding, and the abrupt and short notice hasn’t exactly elated the producers. He just finished his comeback drama “Bad Love” last year as well as his high profile Movie “Destiny” alongside Song Seung Hun and Ji Sung. What happened to letting people know in advance?
  •  Younha, famed korean pop singer, known for her unusual voice, has yet to release her second album be the fourth week of october or early November, called Someboday. We also expect some other upcoming singers and bands to be releasing new albums sometime around the end of this week and the beginning of November. Girls’ Generation aka So Nyo Shi Dae has been planning a comeback album, their second album, after their debut last year. Newly debuted kpop boy’s band, Shinee, also plans to release their Album 1- Amigo (repackaged) on October 30. Clazziqual, for those avid fans of My Lovely Kim Sam Soon, have released their album, Metrononics along with the colloboration album between Crown J and Park Jung Hung, No Break.
  • Won Bin, from Autumn Tale and Friends, is making a second comeback film, Mother, alongside veteran actress Kim Hye Ja. The film is about Won Bin, who lives with his mother, and is falsely accused of murder. The films plans to be released next year.
  • After Chae Tae Hyeon’s successful movie Highway Star last year, along with his not-so-successful drama, he plans to return this year to release his first movie of the year, Speedy Scanal, co-staring with Park Bo-yeong. Chae Tae Hyeon plays a popular DJ while Park Bo-yeong plays a single mother with a six year old daughter. He is also set in the cast of the upcoming 2009 drama , General Hospital 2.

~ by zaizai00 on October 28, 2008.

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