Drama Note 24: Kim Tae Hee of the 21st Century?


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Im YoonAh, SM Entertainment’s new popular actress and singer may not look like Kim Tae Hee, but they definately share some astonishing qualities togethers. You may be thinking, how can one compare a newly introduced actress who just debuted last year to THE Kim Tae Hee, considered one of the most beautiful Korean celebrities. I was thinking the other day about how similar these two are because first off, both have attempted to succeed in the acting industry, but as most of us know, Kim Tae Hee is still working on that part of her career. As for YoonA, her acting is still being highly scrutinized by critique especially because of her young acting debut. Both have succeeded in CFs and commercials and have appeared in multiple music videos because of their exceptional beauty. Im YoonAh is arguable the prettiest member of Girls’ Generation and her beauty has helped her attain many small acting positions that often would not be provided. I’m not saying she doesn’t have skill, just that her beauty has given her a significant advantage. Recently, Kim Tae Hee released her new movie Venus and Mars which received mixed review from critiques after her highly critized movie in 2006, Restless. She has appeared in music videos and CFs for the past couple years and despite her questionable acting, has gained multiple awards, most noticeablely the 2004 Best Couple Award with Kim Rae Won for her role in Love Story in Harvard and the Most Popular Oversea Korean Actress. Im YoonA on the other had has been in numerous commercials and music videoes, such as Super Junior’s U and Marry U MVs. She also gained a small acting role in 2007 in the drama 9 End 2 Outs and is now the main actress of the KBS Daily Drama You Are My Destiny. Even though it is disputable that YoonAh maybe more successful because of her advantage of being a singer, but let us hope that she will have more success as an actress…


~ by zaizai00 on September 29, 2008.

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