Drama Note 22: Director or Casting Issues Lead to Unsucessful Drama

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So as many of you have noticed, this is about my third post about the drama You Are My Destiny starring Park Jang Jeum (I Am Sam) and So Nyo Shi Dae’s Im Yoon Ah (9 End 2 Outs) and in the last post was around episode 60-70 and since then, I have had a lot of different opinions of the KBS Daily Drama that should have attained success in ratings in now…

 For those of you who want to watch You Are My Destiny, soompi and soshified are good sites are good places to find tags and links, because I’m not going to spend hours explaining the plot from 30-40 episodes ago. Basically, Soobin is a goner and Saebyuk has been accused in Nayoung’s death. Hose went to the U.S. to prove that his engagement break-off was not because of Saebyuk. After Hose leaves, Saebyuk discovers her indirect involvement in Nayoung’s death, leaves Lohas, and becomes a waitress in a potato stew restaurants. Of course Hose finds out about Saebyuk’s life and decides to fly back the next day and spends hours to find her and magically finds her… oooooh…..

 So where does the criticism come in? There seems to be a perfect couple with a perfect ending. Not. First off, Hose spent, I don’t know, 15-20 episodes fighting with Soobin over their break up and at the same time not being able persuade Saebyuk to admit their mutual love. Soobin does a lot of fainting (which helps the stalling) but Hose isn’t decisive enough. Swaying back and forth even though he seems really determined to win his love. Then there is the famous quote “I’m not breaking up the engagement for Saebyuk. I just don’t love Soobin.” Man, can you make it anymore obvious? Half the time Saebyuk isn’t even mentioned in the conversation, Einstein. SO, to prove his point, he flies to the U.S. and wastes a plane ticket, actually two plane tickets, because he flies back the next day. Come on, just admit that you like and fight for it and move on. Saebyuk and her foster family causes a whole new set of problems because the mom is unable to accept the fact that SB may have had any connection with the death of Nayoung. The connection SB in Nayoung’s death? SB was crossing the street and Nayoung swerved in order to avoid hitting her and hence ended up in a car crash and died. Well, you might think that SB is at fault and all this blame is justified. Just one problem. SHE WAS BLIND FOR GOODNESS SAKE! So how in the world was she able to do anything? Apparently there Nayoung’s “boyfriend” was in the car with her and he is randomly thrown in the case, because there wasn’t enough confusion to start out with. He going around saying that SB is involved in Nayoung’s death and then when SB finally finds out, he says that he’s not sure. Gosh. Make up your mind. Either keep the information inside until you’re ready to let the whole world know and not retract into the corner when people start to confront you. But on the bright side, and earning brownie points, is the final confession between SB and HS after 100 episodes of agony and if there is any more breaking up, there is going to be some computer screen slapping… The acting is not the best, but I think that the main actress and actor are trying very hard to improve their acting skills because they’re both new and KBS Daily Dramas are kind of 160 episodes of prep practicing for new actors/actresses. Hopefully I’ll be able to right a more optimistic and positive review in a couple weeks, maybe around the 120-130 mark (Thanksgiving)…!



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