Drama Note 21: SG Wannabe Back as Three Sum

SG Wannabe – LaLaLa from My Friend (5th Album)

In April, Chae Dong Han officially announced his resignation from the popular Korean band SG Wannabe in pursue of an acting career. Why then, you may ask, does he have to quit SG Wannabe? Strict rules set by Mnet Media state that the members of SG Wannabe are only allowed to concentrate their efforts on music and not on acting and music simultaneously. After much thought and consultation, Chae Dong Han still decided to leave the three-man group which has enjoyed growing success since it debut in 2004. Despite the dramatic loss, Mnet was up and ready with a new vocalist to replace Chae Dong Han and maintain the reputation of SG Wannabe. The group now consists of Kim Yong Jun as the leader and sub vocalist, Kim Jin Ho as the main vocalist, and new member Lee Seok Hun as a vocalist. Since the renovation of the group, they have released their fifth album, My Friend. Let’s welcome Lee Seok Hun and hopefully SG Wannabe will maintain its success as we wait for Chae Dong Gun to make a television debut.


~ by zaizai00 on September 9, 2008.

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