Drama Note 19: Eyeliner and Big Bang

Big Bang – Haru Haru with eng sub

I’m not a huge fan of Big Bang, but I found Last Farewell and Lies to be pretty impressive songs attached with impressive music videos. Many people may not agree with me, but I incorporate and attach the music video with the song and added together to form my impression of a song. So if the music video is really bad the song is good, then I’ll probably listen to it occasionally, but probably not download it onto my iPod and vice versa. So back to Big Bang, I’ve been trying to find time to watch their new music video and I finally got the chance to. My first reaction to it was, What Happened to Park Min Young?! It’s not that she got uglier or anything, it’s just the heavy eyeliner and excessive make-up kind of suprised me because I always thought of her as the cute innocent actress from I Am Sam. I turn around a year later and she’s gone totally emo? I wasn’t exactly totally taken by surprise though, because of her recent involvement in the drama series Hometown Legend where she turns into the legendary Gumiho or nine-tailed fox. That was scary. But maybe it’s a change for her and for her acting career. ehh…

The “Oh My Gosh, What Happened?!” reaction happened again once I saw Big Bang, especially G-Dragon, who was playing as Park Min Young’s lover. Basic plot line: G-Dragon and Park Min Young are lovers, but she gets a fatal illness and in order to remove herself as a burden, she lies to him that she is actually dating or in love with T.O.P. First off, the plot line was a little cliche, but I could see how the music video could have turned out a little better with the same plot line. The rapping the beginning by T.O.P. and G-Dragon is very impressive and makes up for the wierd fighting or shoving battle between the two. As for the rest of the MV, the flashbacks were probably my favorite because everyone wasn’t leaking eyeliner out of their eyes! especially when G-Dragon was crying, which I can see how it fits, but all I could see was streaks of eyeliner rolling down, instead of tears. Maybe Big Bang should have found a different makeup artist for this one…. But as always there was superb singing so I hope to see a lot of live performances in the future!

~ by zaizai00 on August 12, 2008.

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