Drama Note 18: You Are My Destiny?

Girls’ Generation – Into the New World Remix

As many Girls’ Generation fans know, Im Yoon Ah has been staring in a KBS1 drama “You Are My Destiny” since May of this year alongside Park Jae Jung (I Am Sam). So far the drama is up to about episode 69 and I just have some comments about this drama in comparison to other dramas that I have seen especially previous KBS daily dramas since I have watched Pure 19, As Much as Heaven and Earth, and I Hate You But It’s Fine; the three preceding dramas.

First off, the casting is pretty solid, about 60% veterans and 40% new faces. Despite the strong casting the drama still hasn’t been able to live up to its predecessor’s ratings, with an average about 25% so far. Park Jae Jung’s acting as Im Yoon Ah’s lover has been convincing so far, but I feel that there is some rigidness with his acting, maybe because the only difference in his emotions is his facial expression, and by that I mean the shifting of his eyes. I think that the supporting role that he played in I Am Sam helped to give him some experience in the acting field, but I think that he is a little too much Mr. Kim from I Am Sam than being a totally different character. I hope that this starting rigidness will slowly because more and more compassionate as the drama moves on and even though I am searching for his “love” for Jang Saebyuk (Im Yoon Ah) in the drama, I feel that he is really trying. This kind of stern character helps his image as high class CEO, but I’m not quite sure what personality he is supposed to be having: the cold-hearted CEO whose heart of ice is slowly melted by an unexpected love, or a soft and kind gentleman who is searching for his love. Of course, going against traditional is always a plus, but I don’t really know what kind of transformation and contrast I am going to see from the beginning of the drama in comparison to the ending. I know that many people are going to lash at me for this next comment, but Im Yoon Ah has some points of critique as well…hehe. Considering the fact that she is still eighteen and has her singing career with Girls’ Generation has recently skyrocketed (Happy 1st Anniversary SNSD and Happy Belated B-Day Tiffany!); I admire her courage to take on a 160+ drama since her supporting role in 9 End 2 Outs. I get the feeling that she has kind of the same problem as her co-star, except for she is a little better. The difference in emotions is not as contrasted as I expected. except maybe the crying scenes. Another point that has nothing to do with the acting, is just the plot line that seems to be in the danger of going around in circles. For those of you who are currently watching the drama, I get the point that Saebyuk doesn’t want to be with Hose (Park Jae Jung) because she feels guilty about Dr.Kim and her family and is using Hose’s engagement as a surface cover up and sort of a second point. But by the 68th episode, and after about the 5th rejection, I get the feeling that the drama is starting to drag its feet. The disadvantage is that the conversation is the same everytime: Hose always wants to talk to Saebyuk and everytime she has nothing say, and Taepoong is always in the back after the conversation is finished. The same scenerio, the same words, the same people is getting kind of redundant. I’m hoping the next episode will provide some change, although I watched the preview and it looked like a Stairway to Heaven preview to me, but it’s just a preview so technically there is nothing to go off of. 

 So now for the good points, because I know that the last paragraph was pretty mean and demeaning and I hope that no one takes it too strongly. Gong Hyun Joo (Golden Bride), who plays Soo Bin, has truly put her 110% acting effort into this drama. Why? Because everytime she does or says something, I want to punch her. In her position, I feel that’s what makes a good actress. Not the fact that she is beautiful, but how the audience responds to her reactions. When she gets caughts (such as the particular incident in episode 62-64), I feel so happy. Hence, I feel that her anger and stubborness is creating a very tense atmosphere, almost like you can wait for her to do something evil. The other supporting actor Lee Ji Hoon (Hello Miss!) as Kim Tae Poong is also doing an excellent job, especially his unconditional love for Saebyuk. You can tell the subtleness in his love, but also the bluntness at the same time. The parents of all three family have created a perfect atmosphere as to who is on whose side and who is marrying who for what reasons and the personalities of each. Another brownie point goes to the chemistry between Hose and Saebyuk, even though not much chemistry has happened except for the the beginning, and I am really curious how they will look together as a couple (but it just increases the tension!). Im Yoon Ah and Park Jae Jung are doing an amazing job and even though it seems like I am really critial on their acting, I really do think that both have potential and will have success in the acting industry. Hopefully the ratings wil rise and SaeHose will finally be together!!! (The combination name was kind of impulsive 🙂 ) And as a treat, here is episode 68 from youngmank0re without subtitles.p

Episode 68.1

Episode 68.2

Episode 68.3

Episode 68.4

P.S. For SNSD fans who want to want You Are My Destiny visit soshified http://soshified.com/forums/index.php?&&CODE=00 😀

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3 Responses to “Drama Note 18: You Are My Destiny?”

  1. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. no comment at this time coz’ ihaven’t seen the episodes yet here in new york city but i guessed it willbe interesting. thescriptwriter has a way of making the viewers in suspense.just hoping at the end hosae and sabyeok will be together.

  3. welll finally, i’ve seen the episodes, wow! i love it! hosae finally spoken but it is too good to be true. i know sabyeok willgive hosae a hard time and the story will go on and on. subin will fight for her undying love for hosae and hosae’s mom will keep giving a hard time to sabyeok. now she is going to be adopted we will see what happened. showing here in new york city is much behind. since it is a very good and enjoyable tvdrama it’s worthy to wait. love allthe casts esp.yoona, park, of course jihoon love you fr. hello miss! god bless you all!

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