Drama Note 16: Lee Dong Gun Experiences Funeral

Lee Dong Gun, a renowned actors since his appearance in the drama alongside Han Ji Hye, recently had a traumatizing experience at his younger brother’s funeral at St. John’s Chapel in Australia on March 20th, 2008. His brother, Lee Joon-yub, age 19, was attending the University of Sydney, when he collapsed after getting into a fight with a two teenagers outside a Korean store. Not only is the death a hit for the family, but has also damaged Australia’s image as a safe city. Australia has the second highest population of Korean students after London, England and the current death of celebrity’s brother certainly has not done anything to help its reputation.

Lee Dong Gun, after appearing in the 2004 drama Sweet 18, when on to act in more intense and serious drama, such as Stained Glass (2004), Smile Again (20076) and If In Love Like Them (2007). Amazing, he has been able to put this experience behind him and continue acting for the sake of his fan in the drama When It’s At Night when actress Kim Su Ah (My Lovely Kim Sam Soon).

SG Wannabe – Crime and Punishment (LIVE) with English Subtitles


~ by zaizai00 on July 19, 2008.

3 Responses to “Drama Note 16: Lee Dong Gun Experiences Funeral”

  1. It’s very tragic. be strong Lee Dong Gun…

    • Yeah so tragic for him.Hwaiting Lee Dong Gun!…Now I know that Australia is not so safe.

  2. please send me your E_MAIL address. i want write to you.

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