Drama Note 15: MY MVP Valentine Couples

I am devoting this post to a few couples that have come from on stage love to off stage dating! Some of them are already separated, but just like a short for-your-information post…

1. My MVP Valentine












If you haven’t watched the Taiwanese drama MVP Valentine, this post and the title might not be helpful, but those of you have seen it, remember the couple, Johnny Yan (Legend of Star Apple) and Angela Zhang (Bump Off Lover, Romantic Princesses)? Both singers and in the acting business… Well, turns out they aren’t just a drama couple, but a couple in real life! Occasionally we see couple from staged love to real love… Congrats to this new celebrity couple who has keep their relationship pretty low profile, but plan on setting their engagement in May of 2009. Let’s hope that the plan runs smoothly and there will be a wedding soon!

2. Mars










The co-stars from Meteor Garden i and Meteor Garden II reconnected in 2005 to create the hit Taiwanese drama Mars about a shy girl with childhood nightmares who meets a playboy who has problems of his own. As they discover each other problems and help each other deal with them, an unthinkable bond sprouts as these two opposites become lovers. After their third drama together, Vic Zhou and Barbie finally had an off stage spark and the two began dating in 2005 after the production of their drama Mars. One of the hottest and most popular drama couple had an unexpected breakup at the beginning of 2007, after a two-year relationship. The break-up caused a huge uproar and still, fans (like myself ^_^) still can’t get over the separation. But it was nice to know what once was, right? Maybe they will have another future together, even though the chance is really slim… -_-

3. Sweet 18









 The on stage couple from Sweet 18 and the follow up movie My Boyfriend is Type B may have sparked the relationship between the two co-stars. It is unconfirmed if the two are still dating… (-_- ?? ) so we hope for some good news soon as each take off in their drama careers!


~ by zaizai00 on July 19, 2008.

4 Responses to “Drama Note 15: MY MVP Valentine Couples”

  1. Oh my gosh! For real w/ Johnny & Angela? Whoa! That’s so cool. Hopefully, it goes through too.

  2. hi los kiero muchisimo

  3. ,,ang gnda tlga ng my mvp noH

  4. ang ,,gwapo talaga ni jayson hoo

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