Drama Note 14: Fated to Love You Even More

SG Wannabe – Sin and Punishment part 1

SG Wannabe – As We Live (Saldaga) part 2

“Fated to Love You” has become the hit drama of all time with the possibility of having the highest rating that I have every seen for any drama. The production started out with a predicted 13 episodes. Nice short and sweet. But as the popularity rose, so did the pride of the director. Suddenly the episodes were changed from 13 to 23 and I was like “wow” because that’s an extra ten episodes to fill in. Most dramas are ruined like this. Good ratings in the beginnings and then bam! an extra ten to fifteen episodes, like The King and I. However, I have to admit that the drama’s intesity and uniqueness has never failed in the past four episodes since my last post. I realize that I did create a chart for a representation of Fated to Love You ratings in comparison with other dramas that have been famous or aired at about the same time, so I hoped that was helpful. As I said before, episode 14 had a rating of about 9.17/10 which astonished me, but I really felt that the episode deserved a high rating. Episodes 15 and 16 reached about an average of 9.09, so the drama held it’s popularity with almost no decrease, but episode 17 really knocked all the ratings off the chart with a 9.69! So I hope that those of you who read my last post and still didn’t watch the drama will reconsider and you can find episode 17 with english subtitles on www.mysoju.com. The subs usually come about really really fast so even watching with the subtitles won’t make you that far behind the actual episodes. Have fun!

** NEWS UPDATE: I am also starting to update the TW drama OST since I have finished the KDrama OST, but please tell me if you need anything or I don’t know if this is really benefiting anyone or just taking up time. :0


~ by zaizai00 on July 13, 2008.

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