Drama Note 12: Bringing in the Ratings

Many of us have had our share of Taiwanese, Korean, and Japanese and usually while watching it, we think it has some good and bad points. Some dramas just make you think, “Why am I wasting my time on this?”. Rarely, we come across one that really makes us think that this drama was worth it. Fated to Love You is one of those one in a thousand drama that makes me actually think that I am not wasting my time.

Recently, I haven’t been particularly impressed by any Taiwanese dramas in the past couple years and usually try to avoid them; maybe catching a few scenes once in a while. Examples? Bull Fighting, Reaching for the Stars, Engagement of Love, Why Why Love, Ying Ye 3 Jia 1, etc. Most of them really made me wonder why I was watching them. On the other hand, Fated to Love You has really been climbing up the rating ladder in the past couple of episodes; not only in my mind, but it seems to be in the minds of the rest of Taiwan as well (refer to the Statistic chart below which compares Fated to Love You with some other popular dramas). Starting with a rating of about 2.56/10, which is the normal starting rate for any drama, the drama has climbed to a stunning 7.84/10 rating! Of course, I always say not to base your judgement because many times the rating are high are low based on the name and experience of the cast and not necessarily based on the plot and the skill level of the acting.

Why am I so impressed with this drama? First off, when I previewed the cast and saw that Chen Chiao En and Ethan Ruan where the main cast, I wasn’t exactly excited. I had seen Chen Chiao En in Prince Turns Into Frog and Ying Ye 3 Jia 1 and a couple other of her dramas, and she didn’t really seem to impress me with her acting ability and it seems that she could only be paired with Ming Dao according to her dramas in the last 2-3 years. Ethan Ruan was almost a new face to me, because I had only seen him in Green Forest My Home, which I’m sorry to those who are fans, was a disaster; and not just because of him, but I think because the overall disappoint was transferred to him as well 😦  I was surprised at the thought because  I didn’t remember reading a plot similar to this for a tw drama or a kdrama before. *cough* Smiling Pasta *cough* (but still an awesome drama 😀 ) I was wondering how the actors and actresses would play this out: as a classic drama ( for a better image think of something like Stairway to Heaven) or something humorous but still romantic (kind of like I Am Sam)? Now, I think that it is just a perfect blend of both, with more humor than anything else, but still retains that romantic feeling and once in a while there is a tinge of romance and suspense; just like a pinch of spice to make a dish have the perfect taste.

I felt the last episode was particularly impressive, especially because it ran into dangerous territory. What I mean by “dangerous” territory is the scene with the car accident.  For all those drama connoisseurs, there has been a fair amount of car accidents in any drama field, kdramas, twdramas, etc. so I looked at this like a test to see whether the scene could have the same intensity and emotion without all the cliche moods in it. Definitely passed my test, doesn’t mean it passed will pass yours, but it definitely passed mine. I was really shocked by the huge change in Chen Xing Yi at the end, where she was telling him not to hurt her child because she felt heartbroken because of Ji Cuan Xi and now she could only rely on her child to keep her going. The flashbacks were nice, though they were kind of long and I got lost at first, but nice feel. Ethan’s acting was great to and inside the hospital. I am really curious how the drama will play out now despite the new Chen Xi Yi look ( eh, so so) and further developed feelings. Hopefully, the drama will keep in tip top shape as it is now and not disappoint us with another redundant, seen-it-a-million-times ending.

STATISTICS :     (all rating are out of a possible 10.00)

Corner With Love (2006)                      Peak: 3.96                      Range: 2.85-3.75 

Why Why Love (2008)                          Peak:  3.52                     Range: 2.22-3.35

Hana Kimi (2006)                                Peak: 5.09                      Range: 3.25-3.63

Wish to See You Again (2008)             Peak: 1.17                      Range: 0.91-1.12

Sweet Relationship (2008)                  Peak: 1.69                      Range: 1.67-1.42

Bull Fighting (2007)                            Peak: 2.38                      Range: 1.99-2.13

It Started With A Kiss 2 (2008)            Peak: 3.94                      Range: 3.62-3.39

Fated to Love You (1-13)                Peak: 7.84                     Range: 2.56-7.84

Romantic Princess (2007)                   Peak: 3.56                      Range: 3.33-3.55

My Lucky Star (2007)                          Peak: 4.67                      Range: 2.24-4.67

Summer x Summer (2007)                  Peak: 1.51                      Range: 1.3-1.4

Brown Sugar Macchiato (2007)           Peak: 1.97                      Range: 1.58-1.07

Ying Ye 3 Jia 1 (2007)                         Peak: 2.62                      Range: 2.58-2.58

credit: wiki.d-addicts.com

Legend of the Four Gods (Tae Wang Sa Shin) MV – What I’ve Done (great MV and music)


credit: JennyProductions2


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  1. it’s so magulo.first they were so good w/each other then all of a sudden they’re quarelling then this will be repeated again n’ again and thats how the story went.hehe,pramis

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