A Journey Called Life Review

Rating: 9.2/10

This drama is really and truly inspiring and even though it is only the second Hong Kong drama I have ever watched, it has really impressed me. I recommend this drama not for anyone specifically because anyone from teenagers to parents to grandparents would be able to enjoy this whole-heartily.

Linda Chung plays Sze Ka Ka who, since her mother’s death, has been involved with bad boys, drugs, and sex because her father marries again to a women who supposedly broke up their family. Steven Ma plays Sing Yat On, a quarrier, who has a kind heart and helps to support his mother, a middle aged widow, and his two sisters. Sing Yat On (referred to in the future as “On”) meets Ka Ka and helps her to change into a better person, after the death of her best friend Hana who died as a result of drug overdose while illegally selling drugs at a party. As On watches her change into a sophisticated and caring women, he begins to fall in love with her and vice versa. Meanwhile, On’s sister Sum risks her life as the girlfriend of business tycoon who is known for his multiple affairs while On’s other sister Yee becomes pregnant. In the midst of all this chaos and confusion, love and hope still prevail.

As for the pros of this drama, there are too many to count, but some really impressive highlights include the chemistry, the plot line, and the organization of the drama. Steven Ma and Linda Chung’s chemistry was great and they really played their roles extremely well, as well and the supporting couples. The plot line was really unique and even though there were a lot of characters running around at the same time, there was always a feeling of organization and I wasn’t always asking myself “What happened to the other person?” or “Ok…that’s important because…” lol. The director and producers should be applauded for keeping the scenario really clear and understanding. There weren’t any boring episodes that made me doubt any part of the storyline; nice flow and pace that didn’t cram all the action into the last thirty minutes of the drama. In addition, I like the transformation of Ka Ka from a lost street girl to a beautiful kind and caring wife which wasn’t like bam! in your face, but more gradual. Tension and suspension were kept intact most of the time and was evenly spread out through the entire twenty episodes so that even the last episode was exciting, brownie point! Then, there were episodes that made me find tears crawling up the edge of my eyes, especially the miscarriage scene… The music was great, except I think that the same song was used for the beginning and ending credits and the instrumental was used for the rest of the drama.

Despite being an excellent drama, there are some cons as well. The opening credits to every episode was not really a smart move, because I could tell half of what was going happen in the drama by watching the opening to episode one. A lot of dramas have that problem and I’m not pin-pointing this one specifically. In addition, I put a lot of emphasis on the kind of soundtrack that comes with a drama, because I personally feel the music really contributes to effects of a drama. I was kind of disappointed with a one song soundtrack, but brownie point to linda chung and steven ma for a great duet.

Here are the opening credits to the drama:


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One Response to “A Journey Called Life Review”

  1. Wah! This is your 2nd TVB/Hong Kong drama? What was the other one then? Have you watched any other series since? Glad you picked up this series and enjoyed it so much! 🙂

    I agree with what you wrote. This series was surprisingly touching and quite inspiration and realistic. I love the developments and characters. My favorite scene is probably the heart-breaking miscarriage scene. Did you know that Linda was crying straight for three hours filming that scene? Very, very impressive acting in that part!

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