I Hate You But It’s Fine Review

Rating: 9/10

Many people are suprised that I would watch dramas that are considered “ajumma” dramas by some; those KBS dramas that are 160+ episodes and obviously 100 times the size of miniseries. However, my experience with these “ahjumma” dramas have always turned out well and I haven’t been disappointed with Pure 19 and As Much as Heaven and Earth, the two dramas before I Hate You But It’s Fine.

As usual, this drama intertwines two families and defines the meaning of being a family and true love, etc. Kim Ji Suk (The Vineyard Man) plays Kang Baekho, a carefree bachelor who starts out as a sort of bum who is always risking his money on shakey investments and hore races. Han Ji Hye (Cloud Stairs, Sweet 18) plays Na Danpung who is a teamleader for Bonjour Foods and is a cautious and somewhat of a workholic. The drama revolves around this couple who don’t have the best first impression of each other, but grow fond of each other and fall in love. Of course, there are many different side plots to make this drama complicated and somehow unfold in the end. Danpung’s brother, Seonja, played by Jo Dong Hyuk (Snow in August), starts as college student who is love with his girlfried, Hwang Ji Young. However, he decides to spontaneously abadon his girlfriend to marry Bong Soo Ah, the daughter of the CEO of Bonjour foods. Throuhout the drama, we watch how successful Seongja is with this ambition-driven marriage and how Ji Young forgets about the jerk who left her. To make things even more exciting, Baekho is Soo Ah’s stepbrother and everthing gets more and more complicated as all these love stories intertwine.

First off, I must applaud the superb acting done by these new actors/actresses and of course Han Ji Hye. I admit at first I wasn’t going to give this drama must thought because I had just finished As Much as Heaven and Earth and another 160-170 episodes seemed like another long 6-8 months of drama addiction. However, after watching the first couple of episodes, I was officially captured. I was really impressed by the especially high rating at the start of this drama which had a peak rating of around 43% (another Kim Sam Soon?) The chemistry between the Danpung and Baekho was truly admirable and attracting and I give my hat off to them (if i had a hat on… 🙂  One of the interesting aspects of this drama was the finalization of the main couple in this drama. What I mean is that in most of these dramas, the couple realizes their love for each other and such around episode 99-101. So here I am around episode 102 and so excited because I was thinking, come on, you need to get together by now. By episode 115, I was like, “did I miss something?” Finally in episode 121, it happened. Not too flashy (brownie point) and not too flatly either. Very interesting and capturing. The only cliche in this drama was the whole deal towards the end with the father figuring out Seongja’s bribing scheme and suddenly fainting and getting paralyzed and such. Besides that, there wasn’t much treading water on Baekho and Danpung’s part. Ironically, this is the first drama that I laughed at the attempted break up scene in episode 139. No crying, no pleading. Danpung’s first reacting was quite unique, but you’ll have to see for yourself 😀 I recommend this drama on all levels even if you think that long dramas are a waste of time, I really really really recommend this for teenagers and even parents…


Complete w/Chinese Subtitles: http://co2r.wordpress.com/category/i-hate-you-but-its-fine

EP 108-END w/English Subtitles: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=WannieSarang






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  1. I’m a teen and i hate this drama. sorry. i’m korean too (hearing ajumma’s bitch and complain in korean when you understand is way more annoying than if you don’t which happened a lot in this drama? or am i confusing with another drama?. my mom loves it but she’s ajumma.

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