Drama Note 7: Jang Geun Suk – The Next Big Korean Actor

Upcoming star Jang Geun Suk has been recently seen in more and more dramas and movies. Making his drama debut at the age of 17 in Nonstop 4 in 2003 and again in 2005 in Lovers in Prague, I think that he is becoming one of the upcoming stars with a lot a potential in acting. Recently I have seen him in Hong Gil Dong and The Longest 24 Months and even though he didn’t catch my eye in the beginning; gradually I have become more and more aware of his participation in the acting business. Unfortunately I didn’t see him in the 2006 Kdrama Hwang Ji Yi where he won best couple with Han Ji Won. Shucks… 

  After a spectular acting as an underdog king in Hong Gil Dong earlier this year, Jang Geun Suk has just appeared earlier this month in the movie Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do (longest name ever thought… jk) In this movie, Jang Geun Suk plays a rising singer opposite Cha Ye Ryun (Bad Love). Anways, while anxiously waiting for this movie to be english subbed, I decided to do some background check on this movie. Suprisingly, this movie was completed a few years ago, but problems with promotion and production had delayed it for about two years! So for those of you who despised Cha Ye Ryun a.k.a. Joanna in Bad Love, keep in mind she finished this movie before that drama. Rumors run that this movie is based on the fan fiction on soompi also called Do Re Mi Fa So La that can be read here: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1630. Look forward to this drama and some spectacular acting and singing (yay!!) from Jang Geun Suk.

Here are some MVs and OST songs:

Full of Sunshine – Jang Geun Suk


Waiting for E Time


Do Re Mi Fa So La Trailer


Do Re Mi Fa So La Trailer 2


~ by zaizai00 on April 21, 2008.

41 Responses to “Drama Note 7: Jang Geun Suk – The Next Big Korean Actor”

  1. u r my idol jang geun suk.

  2. OMG
    I want to listen full of Waiting for E Time

  3. oh man i really love him. any idea if there are torrents for his movies?

  4. hai….hay/..hay

    kira-kira jang geun suk pernah masuk mv ga..?

  5. love u’re acting in hwang ji ni.

  6. Your one of the Best Cute Korean Actors.
    Especially in Hong Gil Dong.
    I Hope You become Big In your Acting Career. =D

  7. omg ! I love him in the movie. I am not bothered to write the name down xD so cute ! wahhh ~

  8. he is one fucking HOT guy……
    HOT STUFF!!!

  9. Hey all of ya do u know where/how could i get chords for “full of sunshine” ?
    really appreciate if anyone helps 🙂 kk~

  10. gosh!!!
    he’s really hot!!!
    not just a handsome Korean guy
    but also talented as well!!!!
    how i wish he would come and have a concert

  11. Fight-to-oh.. to you JGS!! Hehe.. =3

  12. he made me miss him a lot
    i have loved him since i saw U’re beautiful film
    loved him very long

  13. He’s one of the most charming, lovable, talented korean actors. He’s got a super and captivating smile.

  14. you are beautiful …..part 10& 11 let see….

  15. annyong oppa chonun justine imnida

  16. I’m his fan from Malaysia! Love your act in Baby And Me!! Wow!! (Cute guy too)

  17. I love you forever

  18. Hi!My name Bich Ngoc. I’m Viet Nam. I love Geun Suk.

  19. I love JKS,”my smile”!

  20. ya u look like a gay i don’t know why but in this picture u look like a gay+like a fish which doesn’t have any bones in it okkkkkkkkkk.????????

  21. I love jang geun suk , my name is liz

  22. be your my favorit BOYS

  23. u r awsome. love ur look in ‘u r handsme’ waiting 4 ur another movie. luv ya jang geun seok.

  24. whoo i really love jang geun suk i didnt know that he appears in the drama hwang jini i watched that drama but i cant remember that he appears there ….. i only see him in the drama youre beautiful and that’s the i become his fan …. then after watching it i became interested to him i search all his drama and movie i dont recognize him in beethoven virus and hwang jini i always thinking way i love those drama now i know the reason because jang geun suk is there he so charming hope u can come here in philippines i love u so much because of u want to go to korea and i want to be a singer and a actress i am a real fan of u …. i wish u to have more dramas and movies and album hope 2 see u in person ………saranghe jang geun oppa……..kangsamida… take care always …….godbless…..

  25. Hi geun suk! I’m just one of your million avid fans. .uhm. . I like the way you act and your fashion especially in your series “Youre Beautiful” , “Beethoven Virus” , and “Baby And Me”. . .By the way i’m Milliscent Quraish From Philippines. . .go0d luck! Ajah! 0:D

  26. mili saeng-il chugha geun soek jang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. by the way im rm from philippines,im your fan,and i really really like you,can you be my friend?

  28. by the way im rm from philippines,im your fan,can we be friend?

  29. i really love jang geun suk

  30. very cute ..
    love it !!!

  31. sarang he oppa

  32. i’m his fan from nepal. jang geun suk u are so cool guy.sarange

  33. I like it wa te kyung

  34. hai…
    can u speak indonesian???

    cakep banget seh??
    i like it.,

  35. shetness! i cried a lot in the movie DOREMIFASORASIDO ?
    THUMBS UP! :]]

  36. jang geun seok!

    he’s not only handsome and cute..
    he also has a big HEART!

    GODbless u more jgs, more power!

  37. wow your so cool

  38. hi jang jang geun suk… it’s me c0nnie from philippines.. i do love korean drama/comedy/romance series…and since i’d watched ur drama series entitled “You’re Beautiful”… i’ve become your avid fan…on behalf of your millions/trillions of fans I am looking forward to what you’ve got and what you can give more to your upcoming drama series/movies/singing album… during your singing scene on “You’re Beautiful” drama series…it makes me shiver and felt like I’ve been to what the lyrics says (though im definitely not =))…i can feel how good the lyrics is despite of language barrier because you can deliver/sang the songs with deeper feelings…hope you can sing full english version… so that i can understand the lyrics… thanks for sharing your talents to us… hope we’ve become friends… more power and God Bless. AJA! mmwwuaahhhh 😡

  39. i really2 love you jang geun suk!!!:D

  40. for me your soo cool and also when you smile,you make feel soo freak…i like you when you smile co’z you make smile to…ehehheh
    i love you soo much jang geun suk!!!!!!!!!!! i wish you having a live concert here in phil…..

  41. he is my shining star!!!!

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