Drama Note 5: SG Wanna Breakup?

SG Wannabe Fourth Album Cover: The Sentimental Chord

Many of Korean music like myself know about the successful band called SG Wannabe composed of three members: Chae Dong Ha, Kim Yong Jun and Kim Jin Ho. They have been active since 2004 and since then have won numerous awards including several Golden Disc Awards in 2005 and 2007. Even though this is late news (again -_-) it has been confirmed that Chae Dong Ha has decided to leave SG Wannabe in his pursuit for a music and acting career, the latter which is not supported by his agency, Mnet Media. It was confirmed at the end of January 2008 that SG Wannbe’s 5th album coming up in March will be Chae Dong Ha’s last participation as  member of SG Wannabe. How will this artists survive in the acting field? I’m curious for his first movie/drama and then decide on his potential as an actors… We’ll miss you Chae Dong Ha! Here is some information on their discography:

1. Wanna Be + / Released: January 2004

2. Saldaga (살다가) (As We Live) / Released: March 2005

3. The 3rd Masterpiece / Released: April 2006

4. The Sentimental Chord / Released: April 2007

Special Albums

1. The Classical Odyssey/ Released: September 2005

2. The Precious History Best Album / Released: November 2006

3. SG Wanna Be+ (Music 2.0 Special Edition / Released: August 2007

4. Story in New York / Released November 2007

Some of their more famous music videos and songs. Be prepared for some tear jerkers…



Only WInd Only Wind (ft. Dennis Oh and Ha Ga In)



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