Hong Gil Dong Review


Rating: 8.5/10

I want to take this opportunity to give a shout of thanks to dramabeans for uploading the episode summaries for Hong Gil Dong for the past three months and always having it out so fast. Applaud for dramabeans! As many of you know, Hong Gil Dong ended this week with a completed 24 episodes and coming up with a 1 hour special to fill up the extra slot.

I think that Jang Geun Suk (Chang Whe), Kang Ji Wan (Hong Gil Dong), and Sung Yu Ri (Enok) all deserve applause for outstanding acting in this drama. The acting was very convincing and even in the tense moments, you could feel the emotions and the chemistry between Enok and Gil Dong. Another plus was the sunglasses. May sound trivial, but I love those sunglasses! Just kidding. Another brownie point goes for the humor in this drama because there are actually some pretty fun moments, usually with Enok, that are funny and not corny. Not a shallow drama, because it does contain some depth in the storyline and there aren’t too many episodes that you feel like you’re just floating on water and not moving.

Some down points go for the chemistry of Enok and Gil Dong. The chemistry between was really nice and cute when was actually time for it and the couple looked really cute, but I felt that there were hardly any episodes that they were actually together. If you recall, there was time spent apart for the arrow incident around episode 7 and 8 and the disappearance which lasted for a couple of episodes. Then there were just some episodes that they really didn’t interact at all and then there the last separation after her grandfather was killed and Enok realized her true identidy which took off a couple more episodes. So… if you add them up, not too many episodes together, but I think that in this kind of plot, it didn’t make a super big blow.

The major boo-boo that I felt in this drama was in the ending and the last episode. It wasn’t bad… okay maybe a little, but it wasn’t terribly horrific like some ambigious endings. First, it didn’t really connect with the first episode that shows the entire drama as a flashback so the audience, at least me, felt – okay, this is going to be a happy ending so why not watch it – sort of feeling. But, no, let’s have everyone get married finally after episodes of torture and agony, and then die in a beautiful shower of …. arrows on fire! makes it so much the merrier. I love how the flying arrows were tried to be perceived as a shooting star kind of picture. Yah, we’re all happy so let’s just stand here hand and hand and wait to be stabbed by arrows and burn to death because that is always the prettiest picture. Although, I do like that no dying bodies were shown and the flower and the plant were still there, very symbolic that the Hwang Bil Dang group is still with us in our hearts. Also unhappy about Gom being picked as the next heir. What?! I love Gom and all but heck if you want a pair to live, like Gil Dong and Enok live, not the teenage boy. Way to go…. But I must agree with dramabeans that KING Chang Whe would have to kill Gil Dong and Enok in order for the protection of his people, not because he wanted to. I felt his pain too because he had to send people to kill one of his best friends and the love of his life. Feeling for Chang Whe….

But I must add as a side note that don’t just read the summary for this episode because watching it really makes a difference really really important for this episode. I think that the directors did an awesome job witht the mood in this last episode. There’s a difference because a mediocre ending and showing that it’s mediocre. I almost cried my eyes out becaues the dialogue between Gil Dong and Enok was so heart-warming it was amazing!

The very very end with all the abstract lecture to Gom and then Hong Gil Dong was standing on the roof of a building during the present time… that part was interesting, innovative I think. But I don’t think the stick would quite go with this time period, more like a gun or something, but it’s always nice to stick with the old.

I really recommend this drama even though I was shocked by the ending, but I think I’ll get over it… someday and beside the last episode, please do watch and support Hong Gil Dong!!! Excellent drama!


~ by zaizai00 on March 28, 2008.

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