Drama Note 4: Won Bin… Back?


For fans of Autumn Tale and Friends, you’ll be happy to here that the famous Won Bin is considering a return to the screen after his last drama production in 2004 Friends, a Japanese and Korean four episode drama.

Won Bin, after about four years, is considering to return to screen in a film and not a drama (sorry guys!) later this year. It’s not definite and chances are 50/50, but let’s keep our fingers crossed!

**credit to dramabeans.com for the information 


~ by zaizai00 on March 28, 2008.

7 Responses to “Drama Note 4: Won Bin… Back?”

  1. Hi!!
    Dear hw iz ur life this days.
    I like evrything about u.
    I love n like u a lot.
    I am crazy. Ur role in Autum in my heart iz very touching. Ur simplicity n lovely smile iz still thrilling in my heart.
    U r the most beautyful man in my universe. I don’t know wat 2 say, the more i try 2 4get the more i remind of u. Keep it up. Lastly NA 2 SARANGE.

  2. por que eres muy lindo

  3. sweet:*.verrz sweet:*

  4. hi! ur so nice & a great actor u know ilove u so much……maybe some other time we can be friend & chat in facebook,,,,,,,,,,

  5. won bin eeres hermoso lindo ,soy de peru te admiro mucho eres mi actor coreno mas lindo te comense a ver en la novela otoño en mi corazon actuas bien bye besoso pa toda mi gente peruana pz q esta en todo el mundo

  6. eres lindo won bien soy de peru te admiro mucho y te amo

  7. eres uno de mis favoritos !!!! m enkntas , tus ojitos son bellos , tu sonrisa toooooo!!!!! m enkntaria comunikrme contio(sueño de toa fans) besos!!! deja tu msn!!!! i love you = )

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