Drama Note 3: Go! Fried Rice?


Just browing threw d-addicts to get ready for more dramas that will be coming up in the late spring and summer when I came across this one. Looks like sort of a Fahrenheit reunion with Jiro and Tang Yu Zhe coming out as cooks. I must say though, very attractive title….

Introduction to the cast first off. If you don’t know Jiro and Tang Yu Zhe aka Danson Tang, they’re from a Taiwanese band called Fahrenheit and I believe that Jiro was in It Started with A Kiss I and Tang Yu Zhe was in Hana Kimi and both are in It Started With A Kiss II. Genie Zhou from Engagement of Love and E Nu A Chu has returned to the screen along with newcomer Xiao Xun from Brown Sugar Macchiato who is interesting named Wasabi… Onto the plot, seems that Yu Zhe plays the silent lover from the sidelines, who is in love with Genie Zhou who has become a singing sensating. okay… and she randomly gets into an automobile accident and becomes blind, coincidentially right before Yu Zhe’s confession of love. He feels that he is responsible and wants to take care of Genie Zhou, but in order not to be a burden to him (how many times do we have to go over this, not going to be a burden! just try it for once, goodness.) she rejects him. (supposed to make him happier…) Meanwhile, Genie decides to suddenly eat fried rice and eggs which gives here the sensation of happiness and the cooker is Jiro (dubbed Michelin in the drama) who happens only to cook fried rice and cooks 100 plates a day for his town. So much for a totally realistic plot. Genie Zhou falls in love with Jiro (or just his fried rice) and vice versa which inspires Jiro to try for different dishes and tastes. Meanwhile, Yu Zhe looks on from the sidelines as his childhood love gets stolen by a guy named Michelin…. nice.

Well, sounds interesting and I’ll probably watch the first couple episodes and see if it’s not another mellow drama. With Jiro, it may be a comedy, so I look forward to it and hope that you guys do too. 

(I know that I haven’t clarified this yet, but drama notes are just info. on dramas that will be coming up this year and are not targeted in particular. Just some background information for those who want to know whether or not to watch which dramas.  I might just do it once a week on a Sunday or something…)


~ by zaizai00 on March 26, 2008.

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