Drama Note 2: Same Cast, Same Plot, Different Name?

     ying-ye-3-jia-1.jpg                           prince-turns-into-frog.jpg                  

I believe that dramas are meant ot bring suspension, happiness, sadness, relief, and romance into the minds of its viewers every time we watch a new drama. We see adn sometimes fall in love wiht a new couple that comes on the screen and applaud accomplishments and look down on foul plays and clickes. Prince Turns into Frog is one of my favorite dramas and probably will always be and I loved Ming Dao and CHen Chiao En together as a couple. The drama received high rating, but I always tell people that don’t ever base your own opinion on rating. What I dodn’t expect was Prince Turns into Frog II: Ying Ye 3 Jia 1. Same leading couple just a different setting and different supporting characterss. Not that I was dissapointed with this reuniting, just not in another drama. THe producers, directors, and writers thought that they could fool the public and predicted that Ying Ye 3 Jia 1 was be a hit just because of the couple. Wrong.  But Ying Ye 3 JIa 1 wasn’t the only sequel that came out last year, Devil BEside You got an added attachment with Why Why Love. Mke He, Kingone, and Rainie back together again. Really, don’t get the wrong idea that I don’t love these couples, just not tactful to put them together in the same drama. Just seeing them in the same setting and drama seems to more like cast plagarism than a new drama.

 why-why-love.jpg                               devil-beside-you.jpg      

But despite the knowledge that there are the same cast and characters, it’s always the best to give an open mind to every new drama that comes in your way. I wouldn’t have been so disappointed in both of the dramas if they weren’t both clickes and what I call “classical plot dramas”. The plot was, in short, two people meeting each other and originally hating each other, then falling in love with each other, and then being together in the end. Well, almost all the dramas are structured this way, so what is the problem with both of these dramas. Both started treading water towards the middle-end sections when both of the male actors get some miraculous disease (that are usually really random) and then they try to fend off the girl with some idiotic reason and always ” I’m leaving you because I love you.” I don’t know how many times I have to say this but, that’s sweeet and all, but don’t go breaking some girl’s heart because YOU think it’s the best for everyone because it usually turs out not being the best. Where has the originality gone?


~ by zaizai00 on March 22, 2008.

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