Drama Note 1: Fated to Love


I know this is late news, but just throwing it out there for those of you who haven’t been updated. As most of you know, Bull FIghting ended last week and its replacement is a new drama called Fated to Love, starring Ethan Ruan and Chen Chiao En. Very interesting.
This will be Ethan Ruan’s return to the drama screen after completing Wayward Kenting that finished at the end of February. Personally I haven’t watch one of Ethan Ruan’s drama since Green Forest My Home, so I am interested to see him in this drama. Apparently, Ethan Ruan plays an heir to a rich family business and has a one-sided love affair with his friend, played by actress Bianca Bai. Chen Chiao En plays a desperate girl who wants to tie herself to her boyfriend.

Literally. According to the preview summaries, Chen Chiao En get disoriented and mistakenly has a one night stand with Ethan. She gets pregnant and Ethan’s grandmother forces the two to get married. The drama apparently foues on a forced marriage as a result of a one night stand.

Chen Chiao En, pregnant and raising a child. Wow, got to see that one and in the meanwhile try to picture it because I dont think that I can. Ever since Prince Turns into Frog and Ying Ye 3 Jia 1, I haven’t seen Chen Chiao En, and to imagine her as a responsible mom mothering a childen with a husbadn is king of out of my imagination… On the other hand Ethan as a million dollar heir is hard on my mind too, but it I’ll give it a try. And finally, Bianca Bai. Since her acting debut in It Started With A Kiss and her follwoing drama with MIng Dao, Angel Lover, I’m really curious to see her act out her part as the other end of Ethan’s one sided love affair. Willing to give this drama a try….


~ by zaizai00 on March 22, 2008.

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