Bull Fighting Review


 Rating: 7.5/10

This drama was the excitment for most Mike He fans in the beginning of the new year, especially for those who were disappointed with Why Why Love aka remake of Devil Beside You with a slight twist and change of names. Bull Fighting on the other hand started with a very intriguing plot, especially for a TW drama  that usually use a classic plot line. Hebe, playing the strong-willed but soft-hearted girl who has always been protected and is bonded to a basketball court? A little wierd, but I liked the unique thought. Mike He, on the other hand, rich, handsome, and star basketball player, who is stubborn and waiting for someone to love him. Lee Wei, the man who is in a one-sided love interest affair with Hebe and to hide it, he decides to act as her bodyguard. Like I said, really love the originality in this drama, but Hebe and Mike He just didn’t click for me in the beginning. I felt that the drama was beginning to tread water towards the latter half of the drama with the “leaving you to benefit you” kind of thing and “I’m happy if I watch you from a distance” thing going on. Love it when I saw in an a drama once, but… kind of tired of it after seeing it about twenty times. Even though I didn’t really like the couple in the beginning, I started to see the chemistry in the end and really liked the ending. As for Lee Wei and his side of the love story, I felt for him after the realization of who his father was, but the leaving was kind of unecessary, but he came around, so it was a nice comeback. One of the bonuses about this drama was that not only did you figure out the ending of the main couple between Hebe and Mike, the directors also hinting Lee Wei’s ending with his lover. Very cute, very cute. As for Hebe’s other two bodyguards, I wouldn’t trust them guarding me, but very very cute, again, especially the outfits.

 The music of course is also a very important factor that I consider when I rate dramas. A lot of people think that soundtracks are superficial and shouldn’t affect how a person watches or enjoys a drama. However, I really like to listen to how the background music stimulates the scene and good music always improves a scene. The theme song, by Tankm was very stimulating and meshed well with the opening scene. You can feel the rhythm and even though I’m not a huge fan of Tank’s music, it was one of his best songs that I have ever heard. The ending song itself was very nice and I give applause to the artists, but the ending scene…. well, very interesting. It was like basketball, matrix style. First, the dress and tux, creative and intuitive and the flowers (or whatever the white stuff was) were a bit heavy, but overall nice environment. It’s the acting that bothered me.

In conclusion, if you want to watch a persevering love couple going through a whole lot of hardship and if you think you can handle a couple of treading in water episodes give this a try. But in general, very nice drama and hope that you all enjoy!


~ by zaizai00 on March 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Bull Fighting Review”

  1. I don’t care what you say, as much as I love Hebe, Why Why Love is always my favourite. It was filled with emotion and made me cry, whereas Bull Fighting just made me spew.

    Sorry. My opinion

  2. i like mike
    i like hebe
    but i dont like they are colaboration in BF. i dont feel the chemistry between them..
    better mike with rainie

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