New Heart Review

This isn’t an episode summary on New Heart (sorry for the disappointment) just an overall review of what I thought of this 2008 medical drama.

Rating: 9/10

I must say, that I had really high expectations for this drama because of Ji Sung’s final return after leaving for the army after Save the Last Dance For Me in 2005. Overall, I really think medical dramas tend to really reach out to audiences because of the constant tension and real life experiences. And just for the note of confusion, I will probably be using the actors/actresses name instead of the characters’ names.

First off, I think that the acting was superb. Lead actor and actress were awesome of course, but I really like the effort put in by the rest of crew, including the other doctors and nurses to make the environment more realistic. Ji Sung, with his curly hair which I’m wishy washy on, was the perfect actor for his character. Optimistic all the time, but everytime a patient was in danger, he was always the one trying to keep them alive to the last minute. He always went the extra mile to make the patients happy. Really love him here and when he hurt his right arm, I was going to throw my PC at the director. Like how could you do this? Why? Glad Ji Sung was able to get back on track and become a surgeon again.  Kim Min Jung was very impressive in this drama. Having never seen her acting before, except for a few clips of Stranger than Paradise, I was really interested to see how she was going to play as Ji Sung’s opposite as the lead role. In the beginning, her very…. anal behavior was really starting to tick me off, but as she changed, I realized her potential as an actress. Really very impressive and I hope to see one of her new dramas coming up soon. Lee Ji Hoon. Love him, but why the heck was he in this drama. I didn’t watch like every single minute, but he was a goner by I think around episodes 15-18. Rarely seeing him much in this drama was a kind of dissapointment, and really kind of a detour, but still lovely all the same. As for the love story between the two…. The kiss at the beginning of episode 11 was actually kind of interesting because of the way it was acted out. How was the director going to make the entry fresh and not one of the classic: run, hug, gazing into the eyes, and then in the silhoutte of a sunset, gentle smooch. Come on, I was looking for more originality. In the context of a medical drama, the contaminated blood during the surgery was a very innovated and interesting lighter for the love story between the two characters.

 And of course, the best scene awards goes to the Tell Me dance. I have heard the song sung over and over again by the Wonder Girls and I love this new twist. Gave the audience a break from all the tension in the drama and allowed for a couple chuckles. Really love the doctors in girl’s clothing and Kim Min Jung gorgeous in that finally femine outfit that is usually covered up by the doctor’s jacket. The ending, like a mentioned before, not entirely romantic, but clean and cute. I really recommend this drama and I hope that you watch it soon!


~ by zaizai00 on March 2, 2008.

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